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Mia’s Japanese Party

We’ve been doing lots of partying around here. Between Mia’s birthday, her party and then my birthday, we’ve had our fair share of fun (and sugar).

For Mia’s party this year, we went to a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant so the kids could eat and enjoy the show. As expected, there was lots of squealing and laughter (that’s what you get with a party of 10 girls and 2 boys). Not sure how much the kids ate, but I think they all had a really fun time – and parents got to take leftovers home…win-win.

For Mia’s birthday book, we found the cutest little book about a Japanese kokeshi doll and then bought an actual wooden kokeshi doll to sit next to it. So fun.




While the kids waited for food to come, they sat and colored.


Or in Finn’s case, practiced his sword skills with the chopsticks. That kid…so much boy packaged in his little body.

Then, it was time for the show! The chef was so great. We had seen him on previous visits and knew he would be wonderful with the kids and the restaurant let us request a chef so it was perfect.
Lots of smiles and giggling while he did his tricks.


Wish these pictures had sound. So much squealing with that fire.

The volcano, turned into choo-choo train.

Then, it was time for cake. Mia wanted a big cake instead of cupcakes this year, so I decided to make her one and stick some chopsticks in it to hold the little birthday pennant banner up. I have wanted to try doing a ruffle cake for a while now and I’m so glad I tried it. It was really pretty easy and I liked the way it turned out. The #6 candle was a sparkler candle – so fun: lasts forever and gives off great fire.


Love how excited she is about the candle.

As a thank you to her friends for coming, each kid got a bag full of Japanese stuff: origami, pocky chocolate sticks, Japanese candy, washi tape, and the cutest Japanese erasers…seriously, so fun…each one comes apart and you can put it back together again.IMGP6086-001

It was a fun day and we’re so glad friends (and cousins!!) came to help us celebrate Mia.IMGP6079-001




Happy 6, Mia.

I posted this on facebook earlier but thought I would put it on here as well and seeing how it’s almost not her birthday anymore, I probably won’t go into a ton of detail right now.

Had fun looking through old blog posts to dig up these pictures. In the midst of those, I found a couple of Finn and I really had to resist posting those too…

So this big girl is 6!

Mia is 6

She was totally working it this birthday. She wanted the house decorated a little bit on her actual birthday, she wants to wear a sash at her party so people will know who the birthday girl is, and she kept slipping the fact that her birthday was coming up into as many conversations as she could this week. She’s doing it up big. Can’t say I blame her. Kind of partial to celebrations, myself. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Except I will not be wearing a sash on my birthday, thank you.

So we started the day with sprinkle donuts and ended it with cupcakes.


Lots of sugar for a sweet, sweet girl.

Finn was very excited about all the festivities – donuts are his favorite after all – but he kept being sad about the fact that it wasn’t his birthday too. Poor kid, has to go through all our birthdays before getting to his. That’s tough on a little guy.

Tomorrow, we start baking cake! Still have some partying to do.



A big week

Here we are again, on the eve of starting another school week. Weeks fly by, weekends are gone in a flash. Now that we actually have real school nights, we like to celebrate Fridays – surviving another week of work/school and taking advantage of the one night that we either don’t have to go to bed early or we’re not at church. We’re hoping to make this a really intentional evening with some fun adventures/learning for the kids but this past Friday was cold and rainy so we hopped in the car and went out for donuts. We stayed long enough to see a batch go from start to finish. So fun.


Saturday morning we participated with our neighbors in a juvenile diabetes walk. It was a cold morning, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.


Finn and spidey
You can imagine how excited Finn was about those two guys. He followed them everywhere. Towards the end of the walk, Finn was dragging a little. I spotted spider-dude (that’s what he calls himself – he does parties – don’t tell Finn) and told Finn that he was up ahead. He took off running and finished the race running. I was running to keep up. Guess that’s one way to get that boy’s energy back.

And now, here we are, staring Monday in the face. I still have lunches to make, so I better get going on that. It’s also Mia’s birthday week so there’s lots of extra things on the daily to-do lists. One of those tasks involves me going into the garage and finding the boxes that have the mixer, cake pans, cake plates, and icing bags and tips. Really wanting to rethink that decision to go homemade instead of just buying the cake. That garage….

It’s going to be a fun week and we’ll end it with lots of celebrating a 6 year old girl!