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Tales of a house on the market, part 2

Or should I say round 2?

What is it about blogging? Write something today – at your own risk – eat your words tomorrow?

Our buyers backed out this morning. Financing/interest issues. Soooooo…the house has been re-listed and I’m about to enter into the song and dance of showings. It is disappointing, mainly because the thought of having to go through that whole showing thing again just kind of exhausts me. And if another man tells me something like “well, yeah, you got to be ready at all times” or “just stay on top of the kids”…I’ll refrain from saying “oh no you didn’t go there” and then I’ll make him trade spots with me. (and for the record, my husband would never say something like that to me. Maybe because he lives here and knows how hard it is to stay on top of things on a normal day! Ha.) Because it’s one thing to keep your house clean, it’s a whole different story to have it ready to show. And 30 minutes warning? There are days when it takes us that long just to get out of the house, never mind special bedding and pillow fluffing and clean towels and last minute sink and floor cleaning. Because I guarantee that there’s always a cheerio under the kitchen table. Or as the case was today – yogurt on the garage floors. Don’t ask.

But but but, on the other hand, I’m relieved. Almost more relieved than disappointed. Go figure. Now, I would rather it be that these buyers were just delayed and everything would still go through, and that we would magically get 2 weeks to find something for ourselves and get us and all our stuff there. But, that’s not how it went down and now we just pick up the pieces – and all the clutter – and open our home again.

I’m not going to lie. Today was a hard, emotional day. Really, it had very little to do with the contract falling through although the stress of knowing that we’re starting over probably didn’t help. It was just one of those days where we were all kind of  sideways all day. And when I say “we” I mean the under 6 crowd, which made me go sideways. Things were never exactly like somebody wanted them, buttons were easily pushed, the usual nice long nap was replaced by less than 30 minutes of sleep and….I’m just glad it’s the end of the day and Dad came home to do bath and bedtime.

Tomorrow is a new day. Kids are tucked in early. The house is clean. Laundry is done. Dishes are in the dishwasher. There is no sticky chocolate milk on any surface.

Bring it Round 2…let’s do this.

Tales of a house on the market

Sorry things have been quiet on here. You know when that happens that we’re either really bored and nothing is blog worthy or things are speeding along at break neck speed and if I get a moment to do anything, I’m going to choose to curl up with a bag of Cadbury mini eggs. Shh, don’t tell the kids.

I had this post all lined up in my head last week about these great stories from the house being on the market. Things like: 30 minute warnings on showings or hearing a knock at the door and seeing a lady looking in, ready to look at the house – that was a weird one…, or my strategy of how to get a house ready at a moment’s notice with 2 kids in the house with me. They were going to be funny and lighthearted because the having the house show-ready all the time was a tad bit hard and I needed to stir up enough happy feelings to get me through for the long-haul. I was mulling all this around in my head last Friday. 2 weeks to do the day that we put the house on the market. 2 weeks in, I felt like I had it down…but still found myself running around when the time came to show the house. It was time to document the good, the bad, and the ugly of the house selling.

That afternoon – Good Friday, Finn was napping and I was prepping for Easter services while Mia practiced her bike riding.

IMG_20140418_142418 IMG_20140418_152232

It was a great afternoon. All was calm and peaceful, well except for my house…it had the usual “lived in feeling” that it gets after a day at home. And then I get a phone call…

A showing in less than 30 minutes? uh…uh..uh…how about 45min-1hr? I was literally sprinting through the house getting it ready. When Finn woke up and realized what was going on, he looked at me and said “this is hard on you, Mom”. HA, not a bad assessment from a 3 year old. Wise beyond your years. Now move out of the way while I mop. 😉

Well, 2 hours later we had a great offer! 2 weeks to the day after we listed and with a closing date 28 days out. Which now is 22 days away. Ask me if I have started packing.

What? Did you say something?

Oh, I can’t hear you over the crunching of the candy coating on my Cadbury mini eggs.

(No, haven’t started packing. No, we haven’t found anything we want to buy/rent yet. See? You would be popping those wonderful little bites of chocolate too).




When it’s one of those days…

You just end it early and go to bed…

Yesterday was just one of those days.

The day started off well enough. I got up earlier than I usually do, which isn’t my favorite thing to do but I work on Mondays and being 40 minutes away makes running home to get the house ready for a showing not an option. So, I’ve started leaving the house show-ready before we leave. That hasn’t proved to be necessary yet, but we all know it will happen the one day I don’t wash breakfast dishes or put the nice bedding on the bed.

Anyway, I woke up earlier so that I could get that done and was ready to leave the house earlier than usual because it also happened to be the kids’ music program at school yesterday morning. I grab all our stuff, head into the garage, and go to open the car…it’s locked. Locked. With my keys inside and my husband at work 40 minutes away. Um, instant panic. How am I getting my kids to school? Of all mornings. Poor Mia. She had been looking forward to her music program for months.

Yes, I cried. I really try to keep it together for my kids because if I’m a mess it’s just going to scare them, but it’s been a long time since I felt so helpless. And so heartbroken that I might make my kids miss one of their biggest days this year.

I knew we had an extra key in the file cabinet. No problem. Except I couldn’t find the extra key. Big problem. I was trying to text and call Mark but he was in a meeting and couldn’t answer so it was up to me. I ran through all the options in my head. I was on the phone with my boss who said she could come and get me but we would miss the program, obviously…so that was out. I thought of a locksmith – I’ll pay whatever to get my kids there but we would still miss the program. We were now under an hour before it started and I still had to get out of my driveway. Don’t tell Mark but I briefly thought of trying to break into the car myself but thought the damage to the window probably wasn’t the best decision. Finally, about 15 minutes after this whole thing started I remembered where we decided to put the keys. Perfect place…totally makes sense *now*…but when you’re emotionally frazzled nothing that makes sense is what you think of first you know. I tried all the keys and nothing worked. Unbelievable. I knew it had to, so I calmly tried again and finally got the key to work! Mia started jumping up and down and we rushed into the car and got on our way. 3 minutes down the road, Mark calls me. I cry again – this time from just relief – and he’s amazed I remembered we had an extra key in the file cabinet. I was amazed I remembered where to get the key to get the key. That’s just so many keys just beyond my reach…

The day continued with several other typical “are you kidding me?” types of situations, but my kids had made it to the program on time, nobody fell apart on the stage, and I had pictures and video to remember the fun part of that day.

By the time evening rolled around, I put the kids to bed, cleaned up from dinner and went to bed myself. Today would be a new day and we could start over.

We’ve had a few sibling spats and I locked the whole playroom as a timeout but that pushed the reset button enough that we’re back to semi-normal. My house is clean. I have fresh flowers to enjoy – one of the few perks to having a house on the market…


And my car is unlocked, ready for a run to Sonic for a special drink if things start unraveling too much for me. A new day indeed.