Monthly Archives: February 2014

…and now back to our regularly scheduled program

Now that the Olympics are officially over maybe you’ll hear more from me. Not that things are ever super regularly scheduled around here but it is full of drama and excitement, you know that.

I can’t completely blame the Olympics for the lack of posting on here but it did affect house productivity. There’s only so much you can do from within viewing distance of the tv. (kidding, mostly) Finn and Mia both loved watching it and had their favorites. Finn always wanted to watch the “skateboarders” and Mia loved the lugers (she instinctively knew what to call them…it always felt like the wrong thing to call them).

But, I’m glad it’s over now so I can get back to what I should be doing. Both kids went to bed early so the house is nice and quiet and should be the perfect evening to press the restart button on routine. Between doing some serious spring cleaning and organizing around the house and selling stuff at a consignment sale, there’s plenty to keep me busy…which is good…that way I won’t be thinking about the fact that we are now within 6 months of Mia starting kindergarten.  Um, yep…I need to stay nice and busy. I’m excited for her and am so proud of the little girl she is and who she is becoming, but I sure am going to miss having her right next to me every day, all day (except for the 2 mornings she goes to preschool: a good thing for both of us).

So, back to routine and hopefully back to updates from us.

Big Night

Mia has been talking about tonight for weeks. Daddy/Daugther Dance and the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

Our town hosts a daddy/daughter dance every year in February and if you’re in our area, your facebook feed was probably full of little girls all fancied up with their daddies. [Here’s a look back at Mark and Mia in 2013 and 2012]

At dinner, I told Mia to hurry up and eat because she didn’t want to be late for her date. She said…”a date? It’s not a date.  I’m not marrying him.” It made me giggle until I realized that I could totally use this little thought of hers to our advantage. But Dad was way ahead of me on that one and was saying things like “you’re right…no dating if you don’t want to marry!” Hahaha…the teenage years are going to be so fun. I did tell Mark that we’re paying somebody to get her ready for prom. The wardrobe and hair requests at 5 better not be an indication of what’s to come.

This girl loves her daddy…

This one’s blurry but it’s just so her. She poses like this all the time.

Best picture of the night. Guess who’s excited about staying home with Mom?

I think I made things a little bit better for him when we did these for our little Olympic opening ceremonies “watch party”.
He’s now an olympic fan because of all the hard crashes on snow and ice and because the olympic rings remind him of doughnut.

While we were getting sugared up, Mia was having a great time with her friends.

Tooth #2

We found out at Mia’s dentist appointment at the beginning of January that she had another loose tooth. Sure enough, it was wiggly and has just been getting progressively worse over the past month.

This morning at breakfast:
Mia – Um, Mom…I think my tooth is sideways.
Me – Oooh, yes…yes it is. (inside voice saying “gross”)
Finn – Mia, let me see! Oh, Mia. It’s ok. You going to be fine. You get a bandaid. You be fine.
[love that boy and his recent conversations]

Dropping off at school, I told her teachers that the tooth was incredibly loose and they could call me if she was feeling freaked out. (About a week and a half ago, she suddently realized it was really, really loose and got a little anxious. Even though this isn’t her first one.) At pick up, she walks up to me and flashes a big smile. Tooth was out! And apparently with zero drama. It was probably good that it happened at school.

Mia opened her mouth to show Finn, he grabs her cheeks, gets really close to look and says “Oh, Mia. It’s broken!” Hahaha…seriously, I laugh so loud at these two.

Bless her sweet teachers, they put the tooth in a ziploc bag for us. I couldn’t find it at first and my mom heart was starting to tighten but Mia was being brave about not having it. So glad I found it in her backpack.

So now, we wait for the tooth fairy’s second visit…