Monthly Archives: January 2014

Just a small taste…

We’ve had a few days of really cold weather and then we heard the dreaded 4 letter S word in the forecast for next week (snow, people) and while I’m tempted to grumble I look at what’s going on in Atlanta and other places hit hard by that storm and I know that at least I’m not stranded on a highway for hours or walking 6 miles to go get my kid at school in the middle of the night. I’ve always wondered why people would get out and walk that far but then I realized that if I didn’t have my kids with me, I would be walking in it too, you bet. Yeah, I’ll take the frigid temps with a better attitude.

Especially since we all got a taste of Spring on Sunday. Makes a cold Monday morning that much more cruel.

Maybe if I post pictures it will remind me that it actually did happen. That we were outside all afternoon and not once did any of us say the words cold/freezing/brrr.

Off for a walk/run to the playground.

I had to get home to make dinner but the kids still wanted to be outside so it was back home for more fun in the backyard.

She’s just too fast on that thing. Always a blur.


Um…why is he so big?! I know it’s partially the angle of this picture, but he’s just getting so big…

Sure, in a few months we’ll be sweating in the hot, humid days of summer and wishing for cool air, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’m hoping for Spring to come quickly.


New Routine, Indeed

It’s Thursday again and Mark is at class. It’s been a wild week. Little did I know that the last time I posted and said that we were entering a new routine that we really would be entering a new routine. I won’t say it’s been the easiest of weeks. We’re entering a time of major transition for our family and while I wouldn’t choose to go about it this way, I’m amazed at how I’m able to see the good. There’s lots of moments to soak in and lots of opportunities to lean on God. In the meantime, we just keep doing what we need to do and trusting that God’s view is better than the limited picture we have at this point. And, with so many people around us going through things a lot more serious than ours, including lots of people with significant health issues, we’re so thankful for what we have and that we’re healthy – minus the runny nose on the smallest one in the house (yuck!).

So here I am again, in a house that is [finally] quiet after a long bedtime with multiple books and several cuddles and rockings. And I still like these Thursdays, especially since – on this cold, cold day – my side of the mattress pad works again. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can turn a day around and make things better.

Our New Routine

Today starts a new series of Thursdays for us.
This is Mark’s first night teaching a class once a week as an adjunct at the university (meaning he has now been student, staff and faculty there). That means the kids and I will be flying solo on Thursday nights. The house is nice and quiet right now but doing bedtime alone is not for the weak, especially since the three year old has decided the toothpaste tastes bad (never mind he’s had it for a while)…well, guess we’ll be buying more because pinning down a super strong toddler (preschooler? what is he now?) is not on my list of Thursday night fun.
Besides that, though, I’ve had the chance to have some good time with them. Mia said tonight that being with me is fun – and I’m only writing that down so I can show a 14 year old Mia that I wasn’t always lame.
Mark should be home soon but until he does I’m going to enjoy his side of the bed where the heating pad still works (my side stopped working – sad day). Seems like adequate payment for watching his kids. I might just come to like our new Thursday nights.