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No more bites and no more birthdays

It’s been a while since I posted, but in my mind that just means that things have been nice and calm, considering the last few blog posts have been because of poison going through Mark or us girls getting older (and yes, Mia turning 5 was much harder to handle than me turning 33).

We’re actually in the middle of some potty training fun and craziness here. I’ll write a nice, neat, organized blog on how that is going and what we’re all learning but I’m still trying to formulate it all. At this point, I’m still trying to figure things out. Mainly, things are going better than I expected and potty training Finn has been so different than Mia, and not for the obvious reasons. 🙂

For now, I’ll leave you with some pictures of Finn while Mia was at gymnastics. He is growing up fast too…spending more time “reading” books, wearing big boy underwear, and talking more and more every day.


I’m just glad his birthday isn’t for a couple more months.

Birthday Party!

Finn’s new favorite thing is a birthday party. Ever since Mia’s a couple of weeks ago (which reminds me that I haven’t blogged about that…), he’s been very excited about birthdays and goes around squealing “BIRTHDAY PARTY! WOO-HOO-HOO” in a high-pitch voice. It’s precious. Even before 7am. Must be the love of a mother that makes a wake up call like that ok.

The kids are both very much into celebrating which made the whole day fun and Mark is always so good about making sure I do the least amount of work as possible.

After work, I went by Starbucks and used my free birthday reward.


Hello pumpkin spice latte! Even with little friends, it was a fun treat for me since I very rarely go out and buy coffee. We left after they discovered a fun crawl space under the displays with hanging mugs that kept swinging precariously. I didn’t really want to buy myself a broken mug for my birthday.

I was not allowed to cook dinner so we went out for Mexican and then we had coconut cake that Mark had baked for dessert.


Mia remembered Finn trying to blow out her candles so she’s helping me out. I’m surprised he doesn’t try to bite her fingers off. He probably thinks that’s all part of the fun.

Mia put the candles on the cake herself. I did 5 because… [I thought she was going to say that it was because she was 5, but no….] because you’re 35. Uh….Thanks….for the record, I’m not 35 yet. Guess it’s better than 57 which was how old she said Mark was.

It was a great day, full of fun surprises, phone calls taking orders for treats and friends dropping in. I won’t squeal “birthday party…woo-hoo” in a high pitch voice – I have to act 35, after all – but I have to agree with Finn on this one…

An Unexpected Adventure

Kids’ version of the story:
We got to spend the night at a hotel and had breakfast there and got to swim in the pool! This is so great!

Kids swimming at hotel

Our version of the story:
We did spend the night at a hotel and had breakfast and swam in the pool with water that was way too cold. But not because we were on vacation or wanted to be really cool parents… Here’s the long story: Mark had something on his neck that just was not healing and was causing him some discomfort. He had some other symptoms that seemed unrelated but that now, looking back, make us want to smack our heads. He thought it had started Wednesday or Thursday so on Saturday, instead of waiting two more days to go to our family doctor, he went to the walk-in clinic. That was probably a smart move. He calls me and says, “Don’t freak out…” [thanks for that, now I really am going to]. “It’s a brown recluse bite…” [yep, pretty much buying my ticket for panictown]

So, while to the kids it was a fun night at a hotel, for us it meant covering everything, fogging the house, staying away for a while and then trying to get everything back.

Kids are great and have no clue anything is really going on. I’m a little unnerved, hoping that didn’t happen while he was sleeping since that means I was really close to it (he felt something at work so it might have happened there). Most importantly, Mark seems to be doing better. He’s on some pretty intense antibiotics and the weird headache, nausea, muscle pain is gone with just a few symptoms hanging on. It’s not great that it was on his neck but at least he got help before it was too too bad.

Next time we stay at a hotel it better not be because of 8 “reasons” chasing us to it.