Monthly Archives: August 2013

It’s in!

It took us 3 days, at least, to prep for the carpet. In less than 3 hours, two guys came in, ripped out the old and installed the new carpet in the three bedrooms and hallway. Seems so unfair. Since I can guarantee is going to take me way more than 3 days to put it all back where it needs to go.

The new carpet is so [so, so, so] nice. When we got home, the kids got so excited and immediately started rolling around. Also, no furniture in any of the rooms really helps make it extra fun for just rolling around and spinning.


Of course, because nothing is ever that easy, we’ve noticed a couple of things that they need to come back and fix. So that’s the fun on the agenda for tomorrow.

And speaking of fun, our car once again wins the award for “worst check engine light timing ever”. As I was pulling out of the driveway this morning, I saw the same light we saw come on in Texas. We knew it was coming, but really?  We don’t have anything else going on right now, let’s take the car to the mechanic…

In the meantime, we sift through things and put it all back. All while we enjoy the new – clean! – carpet.

The Last Night

This is the last night of old carpet in the house.
The last night of potty training without really worrying about where you-know-who-goes-you-know-what. I thought since we were ripping up all the carpet anyway that we would take a leap and start working with Finn. We did ok but we are no where near leaving the house in underwear. Or trusting him on the new carpet. I know that the first accident on the new carpet will probably make me want to cry. Just like the first nick in the new paint did. Oh yes…that’s already happened.
So, here we are…all sleeping on mattresses on the floor with almost everything we own either boxed up or covered. I wanted to work on some cards tonight but all I could find were the scissors… the glue sticks are somewhere under there:


That’s our dining room. Our table is under there somewhere too, so you’re welcome to come over but before you can eat you have to put stuff away. I’ll gladly cook. I’ve moved most of that stuff under there several times so I’ll be happy when it goes back in and stays. Or, better yet, doesn’t go back in. Next project on the list is giving, tossing, selling. Oh, and following Finn around whenever he’s on the new carpet.

Finn + His Soup

There are things you never imagine that you would say. Then, you have kids and you hear yourself say “don’t lick that!” and “why did you put that in the toilet?” Today, I added another phrase to the “this is such an unusual thing to say” list.

I walked Finn into class and told his teachers, “sorry about his soup cans.”



Since Mark is gone, I decided that I wasn’t really going to cook – he appreciates my cooking more than they do – so I got things that I thought would be easy for me and fun for the kids. I bought Toy Story chicken noodle soup and Cars spaghetti-os and once Finn found them in the pantry it was all over. He was keeping those cans with him, all the way to school and then would not leave them in the car. So off he went into class. With two cans. When there wasn’t a food drive.

Guess it’s better than having to talk about licking and toilets.