Monthly Archives: June 2013


Mark and I got married 9 years ago today. Maybe it’s because it’s one year shy of 10, maybe it’s because we hear about more and more marriages dissolving (or people simply going through motions, not really sharing life), but for some reason it just struck me that we’ve been married quite a while.

Our marriage isn’t perfect – probably because neither one of us is, go figure – but I think we would both say that we have grown so much over the past 9 years, really are a team, and when it comes down to it…we’re still each other’s best friend and biggest supporter.

It isn’t always easy but anything worthwhile requires work. We did a marriage study in our community group this past year and know that taking the time to invest in our marriage and strengthening the foundation are what get us to where we are today and hopefully to an even better place in the future. Hopefully, 9 years from now we’ll look back and think “we thought that was good…” The nice thing is that we’re not alone as we make that journey. Not only do we have each other, but we have 2 great kids who, although they add their own challenges to the mix, make our days so much brighter and funnier.

This morning, Mark was telling Mia that it was our anniversary. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she asks if we’re going to eat out. Mark explains that it’s kind of more of a mom and dad celebration so we probably wouldn’t all go out. “Oh…well…then can we put food on the table and all sit around so I can help you know what to say? I can listen to what you ‘re saying and give you a thumbs up if it’s good.”

Guys, with a 4 year old willing to put that kind of time and expertise into it, this year could be the best year yet!

And we’re doing our best to get a good start to it. I’m sitting in a quiet house, kids tucked in, waiting for Mark to get home with take out and a movie. Hope we make it through ok since our thumbs up/thumbs down helper is not available anymore.


Well, we survived the dentist.

Mia did great. Finn…well, … not so much. I had to pin him down so he could get his teeth cleaned. Not even Lightning McQueen on the ceiling was going to make him want to be on his back. I just kept hearing people say “he’s so strong!” Why, yes…yes he is. Never knew I could get so worn out from a dentist visit.

Now, if we could just capture all the excitement and enthusiasm that Finn has for the lobby and move it to the dentist chair…. It is such a cool place.





We managed to get all teeth cleaned and checked by the dentist. Everything was great and no cavities in either mouth. So while I love their dentist, I’m very glad we don’t have to go back there for 6 months.

As incentive/reward we got to eat lunch and play with Charlotte. Nothing better than friends and food!


One more thing checked off this week’s list…feels good, even if it did make me break out into a sweat.

One of those weeks…

If I make it to the end of this week without losing my mind (or a small child), I’m giving myself a high five.
For some reason, everything from our calendar decided to dump into this week: swim lessons, kids’ dentist appts, our 9th anniversary, prepping for an upcoming road trip, and a few playdates. That’s on top of the usual work/dinner/laundry/etc fun we’re used to having every week.
Like I said, if we all get to Saturday in one piece…
Swim lessons started today. I have no pictures because I was more concerned with keeping kids’ heads above water. Mia has a healthy dose of fear that she needs to work on and Finn leans more towards no fear – and a strong pull towards diving boards. Could somebody tell him he’s only 2 (and can’t swim)?. He didn’t get the memo. Hopefully this week will be helpful for both of them.
One day down…we can do this.