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After The Storm


It’s not blue skies, it’s really windy and the yard is soupy but the playset is still standing and the kids are happy and playing.

We did end up back in the laundry room last night. That time for a storm that was coming straight for us (the one earlier in the evening was 20 miles north of us but sirens were a precaution in case it hooked down…also it’s dark so who really knows what’s really going on out there…). The weather guy used the words “concerned”,  “nasty” and “rotation”. Not really the words you want to hear attached to your town name. In the end, it was super loud but no reports of anything touching down.
The kids were fast asleep on the floor and all of a sudden we hear Mia giggling uncontrollably…something sure was funny in her dream. Then, I went to move her so I could get to where I could throw myself on top of both of them when she – still asleep – mumbles “I want to move somewhere else.” Hahaha. I think she meant somewhere in her makeshift bed/laundry room but it was just so funny considering what was going on outside.
And, just what we all wanted to hear: round 2 coming back through tonight. We’re thankful for safety, for kids who roll with the punches and do so well with what Mia used to call “tornado parties”, and for technology that helps us prepare.We’re actually pricing shelters. Guess that’s what happens when you live in “concerning nasty rotation” country.

Bath, Brush, Book, Bed, Bicycle Helmet?

You know the B’s that help kids know bedtime routine and that it’s time to settle down and sleep for the night? Warm bath, Brush teeth, read book, go to bed?

All it takes is one other B to throw all of that out of whack…


Bicycle helmet.

Yes, nothing like tornado season to break good habits and routines.

We’re safe so far. We’ll make sure and post tomorrow to update.


Well, believe it or not I actually have pictures to put up and stories to tell from the last week. But just when I have something to share, I don’t have any time to do it. Figures, I guess. Every time I think I will go ahead and blog, I see is after 11 pm and well, sleep usually wins in that case.
Both Mark and I had a nice break from jobs and freelance so we took the chance to do some fun stuff over the long weekend – hence the pictures and stories just waiting to be blogged about.
And then, just like that we were thrown back into a busy work week and files of freelance. We also have a little friend spending the days with us, so naturally I’m doing things other than the blog…like keeping the big kids busy while the not-so-big one naps and I grab a bite to eat.



Now the napper is up so time to get back at it…more later, maybe…