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“Frying Pans…Who Knew Right?”

For some reason, pans are way cooler than any toy we have in the house these days. And have been for weeks.

This is what Finn wants to do


This is really the only area of the kitchen he’s allowed to mess with freely. He can’t break any of them (well, not yet anyway) and it’s easy enough to put everything back in.

Besides, it keeps him busy forever since he plays with them, bangs them, makes lots of noise, puts stuff in them, trys all the lids on different pans, you name it.

Endless moments of entertainment. Until…


We realize that the cabinet is now completely empty and we can fit in there completely and close the doors. Oh yes. Actually two little bodies fit in there at the same time, don’t ask me how.

By the way, if you’re at our house and you see all the pans out, do not just stand there. Just keep moving or you might get hit by the ziplock/plastic wrap/aluminum foil drawer flying open. Because there’s something about being in a closed cabinet and hitting the drawer from the inside making it fly open. Consider yourself warned. Mia almost learned the hard way.

And really, this is an improvement over what he could be doing. He could be sitting inside the dryer – not that I would know that he can actually fit in there or that he actually likes doing that (!!) – nooooo. Or, he could be using the pans as weapons. Many months ago, I was sitting in the living room when I heard a thunk and then a wail. I turned around to see Mia on her side, holding her head crying, and Finn standing over her holding the smallest sauce pan in his hand. Yeah, he had totally hit his sister over the head with a pan. Mia was fine and don’t tell her but it makes me want to giggle now but at the time I couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking he picked up that little move from Tangled. If you’ve never seen it, they use frying pans to fight the bad guys and Flynn Rider (maybe our little guy thought he was Flynn/Finn Rider?) says, after somebody gets hit with a pan, “Frying pans…who knew, right?”

Even Mia gets in on the fun. Cooking up her babies.


Indeed. Frying pans…who knew they could be so much fun. Just glad they’ve gone from dangerous to fun at our house. Now about that drawer…

Snow Day

If you live near us, you might wake up and wonder how on earth I’ve already posted this since as I type this we are under another winter weather advisory and are predicted to get more snow. No, this post is from last week so is almost so not relevant to the point that it could be relevant again and I could just wait and post it and pretend that it was from this one. You confused yet? Good…now you have no idea when these pictures were actually taken and I’ve kept this blog current and exciting.

Or not.

So, last week it snowed. It was on a usual work day for us but my boss called me really early and said that she didn’t want me driving the 35 minutes to work in case the weather guys were actually right and it did snow and I ended up stuck at work. It was good she did that because it did get kind of icky and I heard traffic backed up quite a bit. Not only that, but the offices closed early so I wouldn’t have gotten a full day anyway and probably got more done at home and with a lot less driving angst.

It started snowing about mid-morning and as soon as the kids saw it, they wanted to go outside. I didn’t really want to go since it was coming down pretty good but I’m glad we did. By the time we probably would have gone out on my timing – after Finn’s nap – all the snow was pretty much gone. Glad we seized the moment.


This was at about 10am. Looks so dark and dreary. And clearly I wasn’t really paying attention to Mia. She semi dressed herself and they were both in a hurry to get outside so that’s why her coat is unzipped. oops.

 Mia was all smiles in the snow. Finally, she got snow – she’s only been begging for it all winter.


Finn loved it too – cried when we weren’t getting out there fast enough and cried when we came in (only to be appeased by the promise of marshmallows) – but you can’t really tell by that serious face:




We have this section of extra wood for the playset in the backyard. Mia looked at it and said, “Look Finn, it’s our very own snowboard.” Gee, you think she’s Mark’s kid, or what?


But what did the kids want to do while they were out there? Wasn’t really enough to make snowballs or snow angels, although Mia tried. So this was next best:



Which only slightly grossed their dad out when he found out.

 Once inside we had hot chocolate with heart marshmallows and our lunch that had already been packed for school.


If I were more on top of things the day before, this would be the way to go. It was so nice to go to the fridge, grab it and lunch is ready.

The snow day was so fun. But by Friday we were all going a little batty. We hadn’t left the house, except to play outside in the snow, since coming home from ballet on Tuesday at 3.  Almost 72 hours of being inside does a number on all of us so we had to get really creative. There was painting and bubbles and puzzles and -who am I kidding lots of tv and marshmallows-and some fun lunches:


It’s the little thing that gets you through too much time stuck with the same 2 other people. And yes, those are heart marshmallows. And yes, both kids ate those first. But then proceeded to eat the rest of the stuff so it’s all good.

More snow tonight? Better see if I can find more fun stuck at home activities…and coffee (for me, not the kids – they can have more marshmallows).





We had a good end of the week last week. Thursday and Friday are always stay at home days for the kids and me, and while we usually just stay home most, if not all, of those days, sometimes we try to plan something out of the house. Since Thursday was Valentine’s Day it seemed like the perfect day to plan something fun and different. We packed a “heart picnic” and took it to Daddy’s work. It was a heart picnic because we had heart napkins, heart pbj sandwiches and because Mia liked calling it that. And really, lunch with Daddy is good for our hearts. The kids had so much fun.


Finn was too busy watching everything going on to be bothered with a picture.

So…we totally took advantage of the fact that Mia needed a new lamp for her room to make that a gift for her on Valentine’s. I figure if we have to get it anyway, might as well wait for an occasion.


Gee. You think she likes it? Good job picking it out, Mark…

And I rummaged in my gift stash and found a Cars headlamp I had found on clearance at Target around Christmas last year.


Yep. $3 well spent.

Although his new thing is to put it on and go into our closet with the light off and go spelunking or something. That closet has never been such a mess. Maybe not such a wise use of $3 after all.

But the $1 for this was totally worth it:


This kid is seriously so into Toy Story right now.  He has slept with that book every night this week. And when I say slept with, I mean that literally. I go in to check on him and he’s using it as a pillow or hugging it tight. How a board book can be comfortable I’ll never know.

Mark and I do not go out on Valentine’s Day. Too many people. So, we had a special dinner at home instead and Mia helped me make a chocolate ricotta crustless pie that ended not being anything like the picture on the recipe. Oh well.


At least my helper is cute and so proud. It was ok tasting, just not fudgy like I was expecting. Definitely more ricottaish textured.


Finn didn’t care.

I also blew up my food processor with this little experiment. I started smelling something and looked down to see smoke coming from the inside of it. I quickly put it outside and declared the pie ready for the fridge. Maybe that’s where it all went wrong, but at least I didn’t burn the house down.

Oh, and just for posterity sake for me. Here are the treats the kids took to school:


“I’m ready to learn S’MORE!” for teachers



“Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you’re friends with me” for little buddies.

Mia came up with the idea for the treats and I worked on packaging. Cute and cheap. But not fast. Good thing Mark and I are used to the late hour bonding we do over treat bags and tulle. It’s like a date. Actually it isn’t at all…so to make up for all of that, we got a sitter and went out Friday night.

I’m not sure Valentine’s Day ranks as a favorite holiday of the year for me –  although when I was a teenager and my Dad surprised me with the autographed picture of Michael W. Smith that had come in the mail a few days before (and totally kept it from me for DAYS!!…I was so mad) is still one of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories. Oh yes, I had a major crush. I still remember being shocked when I found out he was definitely a lot older than he looked and had a bunch of kids. (That’s also the year my Dad bought a box of cordial cherries and said a secret admirer had left them for me…I’m not even really a fan of them but you should have seen how excited I was about getting them. Dad was too because he got to eat the whole box. He was in rare form that year…)

So, all that to say, almost 20 years later and having kids has put a different twist on the day for me. This year was a really good opportunity to talk through with Mia about how this may be a day that people intentionally tell others how special they are but how important it is to do that all the time throughout the year.

And hey, my husband works for a greeting card company so I’m pretty sure that it’s ok – or even expected – for me to celebrate a greeting card created holiday.  Even though I didn’t get him a card. I know…bad. (He did though, and it was a great one).

Instead, we made him this for his new office – he just moved within the company this week and his new desk needed some love.


And now, this week we’ve had 60 degree weather, then a wind advisory mixed with rain and hail, and now possible snow towards the end of the week. I don’t even know what to do about all of that. Neither does Mia…we got out of the car today at school and I grabbed her coat to put on her (when we had played in the backyard the day before in such perfect weather) and she says “Are you serious? I really have to wear all this ‘intulation’ (insulation)?” She didn’t quite get the word right but she definitely had it in the right context…and in such a clever way. I was shocked and just stood there looking at her in her coat. Insulation? Where does she even come up with this stuff…

We’ll be getting our insulation ready and letting you know whether we get snow and have to wear it.