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Christmas Day

As would be expected in a house with two small children, our day consisted of an early wake-up call to a lot of squealing, excitement, and a floor covered in wrapping paper.

But first things first.


Merry Christmas, Mommy.

Stockings are just so fun. And to see Mia get excited about two little pieces of gum that were on the top cracked me up.


But take it from a 4 year old, nothing is more exciting than Tangled panties and Hello Kitty nail polish.



As you can clearly see.

Finn got this super soft bear from his cousins in Texas.


This is when he first pulled it out of the package. Such a cute smile. He carried it around and held it while he opened other gifts and is currently holding onto it in his sleep.

Cars are always popular. And this is what he spends long periods of time doing.



Mia got a Rapunzel tower “from Finn” that I found at a garage sale for super cheap this summer. It comes with a wardrobe like in the movie.


Finn thought that would be a perfect place to put the Astronaut Lightning McQueen he got from Mia. Always hiding things…watch out when we come visit you.

Finn’s “want” gift from us [from the want/need/wear/read categories we stick to] was a parking garage something or other. Clearly, I just put it in the cart: Dad did all the hard work.



This is not a great picture but I was trying to be sneaky.


I didn’t want to disturb the quiet play that was happening – and that went on forever: Mia in the background with her Rapunzel tower and Finn with his car track. This was almost the best part of Christmas Day, kids entertaining themselves for long periods of time. Close runner-ups were the heated blanket I got from Mark (I realize that probably makes me sound old, but seriously? It is so nice…) and then, of course, the food.


Not pictured but definitely enjoyed: pecan pie…


It was so great to spend the day at home, relaxing and watching the kids be able to enjoy the fun stuff they got. We talked to my parents for a long time this morning on Skype which was so great and then we had friends come over in the evening for some pie (and they brought yummy pumpkin cheesecake). So, not having to get out in the cold AND having a fun day as a family made for a pretty great Christmas.

Hope yours was just as wonderful!




Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve has been fairly relaxing at our house, but we wanted to make sure and get some good family time in.

This morning we worked on building a nativity set. I found it for super cheap and knew that it would be a fun thing for Mia to work on this morning. Here she is, proud of her construction, on display on top of the piano.


In the afternoon Mia helped me make a pecan pie for tomorrow and then we went out for ice cream with some friends. The combination of sugar (blue ice cream?!?) and not being out of the house in two days doesn’t really capture into a nice pretty picture.

After dinner, we read the Christmas Story together and sang some Christmas songs. Mia was walking around the house banging on a drum and making up a song about her “best friend Jesus, holy holy holy born today.” It made the drum banging worth it.

Then, we settled down and watched a short Christmas cartoon and had chocolate with whipped cream AND sprinkles. You know, because there hasn’t been enough sugar in their blood stream today.


Right before bed, they got to open one of their gifts – the “To Wear” one: their new pajamas (Christmas Eve tradition at our house). I was worried that hers wouldn’t make the cut because they had buttons (don’t ask, there’s something weird about buttons going on around here) but when she saw how sparkly those buttons were, these were her favorite pajamas ever.  Go figure. Maybe I should just start dumping glitter on everything. I bet she would eat brussel sprouts if they sparkled.


Wouldn’t you know that as soon as we’re able to get Finn stopped long enough to smile, Mia forgets what she’s there for…


Oh well…this is as good as it gets…

And now those two little rascals are tucked in bed and I wish I could say Mom and Dad were going to get to sit down and relax but I don’t think Santa is going to stay long enough to wash my dishes…

Hot chocolate to go…

Every year, we prep hot chocolate in to go mugs…




(Somebody’s excited about marshmallows)



…put our jammies on…



…get buckled up and head out…



…to see all the lights.

(this house is in our neighborhood and I lost count of how many inflatable things they had – crazy.)

Mia did a great job spotting houses with lights and Finn kept saying “wow!…show!” So fun to hear the two of them in the back seat.