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Halloween Fun

Every year, our church hosts a fall festival event called “Streetfest” which is usually held in the parking lot/streets on the church campus. This year, though, we took streetfest on the road. We partnered with a local camp and welcomed hundreds and hundreds of people at a community center.




It was a great night but we’re all worn out. Just a few short months after doing this type of thing all the time and I’m clearly not used to it anymore 🙂 The kids had so much fun, though.

They had to come with me to set up in the afternoon, so they were ready for dinner when Daddy showed up. And with their favorite, too!


The soccer player, with his coach, and the butterfly.





The little soccer player was all stuff we already had…easy, which was so great. I know we could have done something more cutesy or elaborate, but you should have seen him kicking his ball all around the place. He was having so much fun! His first two word combination was “my ball” so what better thing for him to be?

Mia asked to be a butterfly weeks and weeks ago. She still wanted to be one today when it was time to get dressed, so that was good…(you just never know how quickly these kids will change their minds). I found the wings for really cheap and it’s awesome how easy tulle and pipe cleaners are to work with! She had a blast showing people her wings and fluttering everywhere.



 So excited about the candy she was winning at the games!



The highlight of the night, though? All the inflatables.




Look at that huge smile on Finn!


Yep, I think he had a good time in that bounce house.

(Not pictured, Mia’s slightly bent butterfly wing from going down the giant inflatable slide so much :)…)

Halfway through the night, even with all the games and inflatables and fun stuff still happening, the kids were both trying to get into the stroller to lay down. So, Mark took them to the car to get jammies on and go to sleep in the car seats for the ride home.

Fun times. Glad we have a stay at home day tomorrow. I think we’re going to need it.

Busy Weekend

We’ve had a busy weekend over here at our house and we’re heading into a busy week. Those two things came together to make me feel like I was thrown up against a wall this morning and told, “Have a nice Monday.”

I was going to do a full post on Mia and Finn’s new adventures this weekend, but we’re still in the shaky first days of figuring the new routines out, so maybe I’ll give it a few days. Right now it would just be a lot of “so, we’ll have to see…”

For now, here’s the Cliff Notes version:

Finn moved to a big boy bed!: Yes! Big stuff! Exciting!…and tiring…mostly because we’re in that HORRIBLE phase of “it’s so fun to be able to get out of bed anytime we want.” We’re having flashbacks of when Mia was going through this and all I can say is that I’m glad we lived through one kid because at this point I would think this would never end.  He loves it. We aren’t sure. He’s learning what it means to stay in bed at bedtime (and not get up way too early) and we’re learning how to be consistent. Let’s just say it was a long night.

Mia is working (sort of)!: She was sad that she couldn’t be a grown-up because she wanted a job; she wanted to go to work. Well well…I can fix that. We had a family meeting and we went over what chores she can now be in charge of (some she does just because she’s part of the family and we all contribute and some she does to earn money) and then we introduced jars for giving, saving, spending. So far, so good. But we’ve only been doing it for a day so you know, I’m sure the beauty of the chore chart will fade quickly. She seems really excited about it and we are very proud of her for grasping and taking hold of it all. I’m happy that this will hopefully teach her a lot, but also realize that I’m going to have to be ok with things taking a little longer.

Both of these seem like major milestones to me. Markers of the kids growing up. I didn’t think we would be doing these so soon, but when they show that they’re ready then we have to jump on that and use that momentum, I guess. So, we’ll see… We’ll see how the sleeping goes and we’ll see how the earning money goes. All I know is that this getting older and having a little more independence is, in the words of a wise little girl, going to be a lot of work for me. I guess growing up doesn’t come easy…for any of us.

More Cabin Trip Pictures

You would think we never get out of the house at the rate that I’m devoting so much blogtime to this, but our friend Jenny sent us some pictures of our trip and I wanted to share them. Especially since there are a few of the 4 of us – rare occurrence; we don’t get a lot of family shots.


I think this is a sweet one of her. She looks so much older in her cap and headlamp…


Not awesome of all of us, but hey…all 4 people in our family in ONE PICTURE. WIN! Post it on the blog…


I don’t have a lot of pictures of me with one of the kids – I’m usually the one taking pictures, so I like this one of the two of us. This was when we first started the piggy back ride and I was still smiling. 40+ pounds on my back over hills and rocks can make you not want to smile so big, trust me.



The kids, ready to go on a walk.

Notice how the youngest one in the bunch is not to be trusted yet at this point. No way he was going to stand still for a picture without some “encouragement”. Not with all that dirt just waiting for him.



Clearly hats are more important than cameras…and Mia looks like she’s about to slide off. She didn’t, I promise.



A post-hike cookie break, not that either of them hiked that much….pretty sure they both got a ride for most of the way!

These girls are tight. When Mia talks about Jane it’s always added with “my best friend ever.”



 The guys in the group. Yep, Finn is the only boy among the kids. BUT, one of the women in the group is having a boy in March so we’re excited he’ll have a little buddy when we get together! It will be a while before they really play with each other, but I’m sure Finn will show him all the tricks soon enough.