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About those scones…

So…remember how I talked about plans for making scones in my post about our Olympic Opening Ceremony Fun?

Yeah…about that.

Mark wasn’t feeling too well at work on Friday. He came home, did ok through dinner and most of the night, but then decided to go to bed early. Mia mentioned that her tummy hurt a little at one point, but really that was about it. (No comments or suspicious behavior from Finn). I felt great all that day and enjoyed staying up after everyone had gone to sleep to sip my tea and read my book. The next morning, I get up to help the kids with breakfast and…well, this isn’t going to be good. I checked back on Mark to see how he was feeling, to which he responded that he felt better. Awesome! Cause you’re up. And I’m out. 

24 hr stomach bug – Gross. No scones – bummer. Sad day all the way around.

I was much better Sunday morning. My scones have yet to be baked but the Olympics are still going strong, so I’ll be making them soon. Now that they finally sound good again…

Olympic Fun

We’ve all really been looking forward to this day around here. The adults – because we really enjoy watching the games; Mia – because she knew she was getting a rare “stay up late” pass; Finn – well, I don’t think he knew it was coming, but once it did…he was all in. You’ll see plenty of proof of him having a good time.

This is the kids’ first Summer Games (I was pregnant with Mia during the Beijing Games) and since I have such fun memories of watching the Olympics, I wanted to start that tradition for them as well…

We had to make a Wal-Mart run today to get some last minute things. Every once in a while, when we run errands like that, we like to surprise Daddy at work with something.


OK, how could I pass up on an opportunity to get “ring” treats? Healthy, no. Thematic, yes. Come on, the Olympics are special…


Dinner: Fish and Chips

cam00045.jpg    cam00046.jpg


Dessert: Olympic Torch Cupcakes

 cam00053.jpg   cam00049.jpg


My official cupcake tester…

cam00044.jpg     cam00064.jpg

  …jumped up and stuck his hands in the batter before I got to him and got his hands on the blue Olympic ring cupcake.

Told you he had a good time…


 The entertainment: Opening Ceremony Bingo with gummy LifeSavers as markers


cam00055.jpg    cam00056.jpg


You won’t be surprised to hear that Mia won:


 She was SO good at that game. She was super attentive and kept jumping up and down every time she saw something.

You also won’t be surprised that Finn just stood there and kept eating the candy off his grid:



But the real treat?

Staying up late watching the ceremony!


 (She kept asking when Finn had to go to bed because she knew that marked the beginning of her “special” time)

She didn’t last long…



 What a fun evening. And the perfect ending for me: a cup of tea and some quiet reading.

Tomorrow morning: scones for breakfast!


When my food is hot…

We have this arrangement with good friends that once a month we take turns dropping our kids off for dinner and playtime so that we can have a few hours away. Best idea ever. It works out perfectly because our kids have so much fun together and the parents get to have a date without paying for a babysitter. Plus, I get the added bonus of being able to eat my food while it’s hot. Hey, it’s the small things.

There was a new restaurant we wanted to check out. It’s kid friendly enough, so we could take the kids, but it’s nicer than our usual meal out so it seemed like the perfect “just us” place. And you know I totally embarrassed Mark by taking pictures of our food.


I got the bacon-swiss hamburger and Mark got a Cuban-style chicken fried steak (with lime rice, beans, and an aioli). But because we’re a team, we each ate half of our meal and then traded dishes. Let me just say that those fries were one of the best parts of the meal. I hoped they hadn’t played a dirty trick on me and put a false bottom in that silver cup. Nope, pure french fry bliss all the way down.  Then we shared dessert. And no, neither one of us is 28. Perfect for somebody’s 28th birthday, though.

And then what did we do on our ever so romantic date? We went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Gotta love how running errands without two little ones sounds like fun date material…