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Long Weekends Are The Best

Long weekends are great, until they come to an end and you wake up on Tuesday and can’t believe reality means getting up and doing something productive. As a double whammy for me, I got to go get a crown that day. How’s that for a rude awakening after a nice relaxing few days? Mia actually came into our room on Tuesday and asked if she could stay home. What? Two weeks ago we were having to have ice cream cones to make up for the fact that we were stuck at home and now you’re asking to not go to school?

On Sunday, we had dinner with friends and the kids played hard with two college guys – perfect wrestling partners.  They both came home and slept over 13 hours! On Monday, we went to the museum, walked the trails, and played at a splash pad. On the way home, the kids fell asleep at 6:40 and slept until almost 8 the next morning! See, told you it was a wonderful weekend. Now, how do I work more of that “running them tired” thing into this summer?

The pictures I have from this weekend fall into a 12 in 2012 category, so I’ll have to do separate posts later. Until then, here’s a freebie picture: another way we’re making sure the kids sleep well at night.


Mia has no idea what’s about to hit her. Hopefully not literally, although Finn is very into that car and doesn’t like to share it too much at this point…

Through and Through

These two things happened today and it just makes me chuckle at how they really show just how different boys and girls can be.

She walked into my bathroom and seeing that I was wearing a skirt today, said “Oh, Mom! You’re wearing a skirt! [pause] Does it twirl?”
Twirling: the only thing that makes something worth wearing. Shorts and pants don’t twirl. Thus, they are to be avoided at all costs.
Dresses, headbands, nail polish… A girl through and through.

Yesterday, a bump. Today, a fat lip. Apparently he tripped on something on the playground and bit it. Literally. Poor kid. He looks pretty rough, but not bothered too much by it. Take life at full speed and see it all as a great adventure to be conquered. Try to lift everything, throw most of it.
Run, climb, wrestle, tumble… A boy through and through.

Oh sure, Mia likes to wrestle and Finn screams when it’s not his turn to push the pink stroller, but mostly what happened today is what life looks like for those two…

And how fun is it that I get to twirl with one and brace myself for a tackle from the other one? All in the same day.

Yep, things seem normal now…

*I wanted to update last night, but apparently being back in the swing of things also means running out of time for certain things on some days. By the time I sat down to update, the internet was giving me fits and I was too tired to deal with it.

Finn is back at school with Mia, which means I’m able to work from my office (incredible how much easier that is!) and we’re all trying to find what it means to have the old routine back.

His skin is still a bit spotty but it’s definitely healing, which is comforting.  When we got back to school, there was an information sheet on Hand, Foot, and Mouth in each kid’s cubby.  In the symptoms it said: “5 or fewer blisters per hand or foot”  YEAH, RIGHT. I laughed. Because what else can you do when your kid has 100+ spots on his body? I didn’t count and I know it’s easy to be dramatic. I don’t think I’m far off this time…

But how do I really know that we’re [fairly] back to normal? Finn fell on the playground again and bonked his head. Identical way he did it last time – some kind of issue with the popcorn popper – and identical result to his forehead – maybe a little less intense this time – but on the other side, to even things out.  ‘Cause you know, he didn’t have enough red marks on his body already… Gotta love boys who are intense and play hard.