Monthly Archives: April 2012

Project Weekend

We had a very productive weekend, which while it means we didn’t rest a lot, we are going into the week with a much better handle on things.  And clean underwear. Both of which seem to make for a better Monday.

I won’t post pictures of the clean house, or the laundry that was done – mostly because not all of it is folded…ugh, why can’t it just fold itself? – or the playset progress – it’s looking good, Mark! We also planted stuff, but that’s part of our 12 in 2012 so I’ll have to post about that later.

So to prove we actually did something, I’ll post pictures of Mia and her first building project! Our friend Rachel offered to take her to the kids’ Saturday morning workshop. Mia is very into experiences so this was fun for her.

And since she was gone, Finn got the car cart all to himself. Also fun for him, as you can tell.


I stalked the group from the other side of the lumber.  Crazy mom with a camera.


Looks like Mia’s doing a whole lot…

Oh, right…a whole lot of watching other people. Not surprised.


The handygirls with their final project – a terrarium.


Back in the cart together, doing their favorite thing: snacking.


On the way out, Finn started going crazy, saying “vrooom, vroom, mine, mine” and would have jumped out of the cart if we hadn’t buckled him in. All because of these:


I love that look on his face.  You would think they were actually moving.

Of course monkey see, monkey do.


Never underestimate the free fun that a home improvement store can provide.  Of course, we spent enough on other stuff for projects at home that it can hardly be called “free” but that’s just good marketing, I guess.

Back to the Laundry?

Happy Friday led into Wacky Weekend and Hit the Ground Running Week leading us to How is it already Wednesday? In some ways, I feel like Friday was months ago and in others I feel like I blinked and my nutella was gone.  Oh wait, that’s kind of what happened.

On top of just the general chaos that is currently our normal day to day, add in a garage sale (yay for getting people to take your stuff AND convincing them they should pay for it), 3 banquets at work, and a dear friend having a baby.  Dana was my roommate all four years of college plus two years after college, we were both each others’ maids of honor, so naturally this precious baby girl is like a niece to me.  So, while all those have added up to many hours away from my house duties (I have a pile of clothes to be folded that is probably taller than Finn), I don’t feel stressed or guilty about it.  Life is full and there will always be something I could be doing but I’m not going to let important events like celebrating with friends or opportunities to dance to the leap frog fridge farm songs with my kids get gobbled up by laundry.

A smile on my kid’s face is way more important than an unwrinkled shirt, right? Right. Thanks. But I guess I should still go take care of it before Finn decides to climb it. Because you all know he will.

Happy Friday

Because how could it not be happy when you have this?


Finn meeting Nutella for the first time.

He practically panics when he runs out and he giggles and shakes his whole body when you’re holding another one out to him. He also chooses to suck off all the Nutella before he eats whatever you used as a “vehicle” for such goodness.

It’s awesome and maybe slightly worrisome if I start to think about the implications of all of this.

Like now there’s somebody else to keep away from the Nutella.