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Could the grass be greener?

You know what they say…good fences make good neighbors…

That would be because of this:


I promise I didn’t set them up for that picture. The little one actually started it (quite often he’s the one learning and imitating all the stuff, but not this time).

You can put a fence up, but you can’t keep them from wanting to wander off.

And for the record, the only thing they were gawking at was a trampoline.  Nobody was in our neighbor’s yard, so no worries….

12 in 2012: Go to the zoo

As part of our 12 fun things to do in 2012, we had a trip to the zoo planned.

We wanted to go in the Spring, before it got too hot outside. The zoo is an hour and a half away so we needed a whole day free to go so we wouldn’t feel rushed going or coming. But in looking at our Spring, we only had 3 dates that would work before mid-June, so we looked at the weather, saw it was going to be in the mid-70s and the sun was finally going to be shining after all that rain and we went for it. Along with everybody else. Ha. Actually we knew it was going to be busy (why else is there the saying “this place is a zoo”? You thought it was about the animals…yeah, I’m convinced it’s all the tourists) but it wasn’t unbearable. I think we were all just glad to be out and doing something fun.

Mia did some “research” on the way there.



Uh, and so did Finn.


Finally at the zoo!


Mia did not need that blanket for sure, but you try convincing a three year old of anything… She got rid of it pretty fast. At least she had her cheetah sunglasses 🙂

We saw elephants and monkeys and penguins…. (and lots more)

img_0779.JPG   img_0785.JPG   img_0786.JPG

And a personal favorite of both kids…


The meerkats.  Finn was so excited about those things and kept imitating how they were digging around for food. Hilarious.

Even the little meerkat statue was the subject of much love and attention.


We had to keep her from kissing that thing several times. Blech.


 Of course, there was plenty to see on the outside too.  The sea lions didn’t want to come to the underwater viewing area, but that sure didn’t keep the kids from being totally engrossed with whatever was going on.  They are both such people watchers, but then again…I love it too so they come by it naturally.



Nothing better than a cold icee before heading home. Finn was sooo tired but he was not going to go to sleep without some of that cold treat.


Yep, both out really soon into the trip back home.


Fortunately, Finn only catnapped so he was able to catch up on some reading himself.


I was actually surprised at how much Finn enjoyed it. I thought he would be too young, but that kid loves animals so he was very excited to see all of them. It was a fun little trip!

Finn’s First Haircut

Finn had the cutest little curls in the back, but we were tucking his hair behind his ear and it was quickly going from cute to mullet so something had to be done.




These pictures actually don’t look half bad (but then again I love babies with bed head)…it was pretty bad the way it would hang over his ears or his shirt collar.

Ready to go:


With the help of a (not so great looking to me but lovely to him) Popsicle.




Big boy!

The haircut is not perfect, but I’m no professional and we think it looks a ton better than it did.  I’m really amazed at how well he did.  He moved a few times and was curious about the scissors at one point but really, he was more than happy to just sit and watch Backyardigans and eat his popscicle.


Well, most of his popscicle.