Monthly Archives: January 2012

Finn’s Contribution

Finn thought he would add to the fun for this week by…


Yep, walking.  He was standing there and then he saw I was holding a ball and he just walked to me, at least 5 or 6 steps. Not surprised that it was the hunt of a ball that would make him do it. It was going to either be that or food.

The most he had done up until now was a 1,2 step-I’m gracefully falling into your arms-action so this was huge!  He did the same amount of distance a few more times before dinner and then we tried again for daddy after dinner and he kept doing it!  I lost count on his steps, so I’m sorry for the lack of detailed information.

He waited a whole month longer than his sister to decide to walk, but he seems like he’s doing more of it from the get-go. I seem to remember her taking a few steps one day and then thinking about it for a bit and then trying again…but maybe not. You know, I’ve slept (and not slept) since then.  I told somebody Finn would probably never just walk and would go straight to running.  I don’t think I’m that wrong on that guess.  (help…). I’m scared to say that he’s already pretty good at it.  He even did a good job stopping to regain his balance and then keep going.

So, looks like we have a true toddler on our hands.  And he does do the whole wobble/robot walk with the straight arms and legs.  It’s adorable. We may have gotten it on video, but we were excited about cheering him on so I can’t guarantee the quality of the video. Also, the voices of [these] excited parents trying to capture one of their child’s firsts is a tad bit annoying so we may need to take some time and add some background music to it.

And I’m just glad I wasn’t busy inspecting our toilet still.  A day or two earlier and I probably would have missed all the fun. Of course, I have a feeling that the fun has just begun.

Quarantine Thoughts

I’ve been gone from the blogging world for a few days.  Didn’t go anywhere, though. In fact, my calendar was completely clear and I was super close to the computer the whole time.  But all of that means nothing when you can hardly sit up without fearing what may happen.  I was struck by a stomach bug on Tuesday and boy, are those no fun.

I was so looking forward to this week.  In an unusual twist, I had something fun scheduled with a different person every day this week.  But unfortunately, I had to cancel with 3 of them. I was so looking forward to those times and instead I kept having recurring appointments with my bathroom.  I am much better now.  Not everything sounds good yet but I am almost back to normal.

I stayed away in our end of the house for over 24 hours because as much as I didn’t like what I had, I really didn’t want the kids getting it.  Unfortunately, Mia was already getting something else I think with a runny nose and cough all week and last night had a little bit of a fever. So, we’re both home today while the boys are gone.  Of course, Mia is fine this morning.  Always happens…as soon as you have to stay home because you’re waiting out the 24 hour thing, they’re full of energy.  But, at least she’s feeling better.

So hopefully we’re all on the mend.  Mark may have had a mild case of what I had over the weekend. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to get him now.  Finn seems to be breezing by with merely a runny nose and a little cough. Keeping his lips off of his sister’s sippy cup is harder work than you think, so no guarantees on him being in the clear.

Thankfully, we’re in this together and Mark and I were feeling crummy at different times.  There is no way I could have gotten through it without him, from wal-mart trips to staying home in the afternoon to watch the kids and keeping the house running.

And then he does this…

Poor Finn has gotten a lot of bad PR here on this blog, so I thought to make sure people still believe that deep down he’s a good kid I’d go ahead and write about how sweet he’s been today.

He’s been sleeping all afternoon.  Literally.

Neither of my kids are super-nappers.  Mia, in fact, hasn’t had a nap in more days than I can count and while Finn does nap every day, they’re not always long.  He knows he’s missing out, so he’ll take his little nap and then be ready to go back at it.

Today?  We’re past the 3 hour mark.  He woke up after 45 minutes, but that’s a habit he has… and one that we’re trying to kick.  I let him whimper and cry for a bit and that was  two hours ago.

And now, I’m actually thinking that I’m going to have to tell Mia to start making some noise to see if he’ll wake up – what a change from our usual conversations during his naps!  I never wake a sleeping kid, but there is bedtime to keep our sights on.  Poor kid is either growing or getting sick.  Should be a fun ride, either way.

Time to let Mia play with the pots and pans…