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Thanksgiving with Family

We went to see my grandpa and a few Uncles and Aunts this year for Thanksgiving.  My grandpa fell a little over a month ago and since then is in a nursing home for rehab.  It doesn’t look like he’ll be able to go back home (he would be living by himself if he did), but it was good to see how well he is being cared for.  He was having a good day which was really fun for us and the kids.  He had a good time and while he was probably too weak to hold two squirmy children (they’re squirmy, believe me), I think he enjoyed seeing them and playing with them.  My Aunt Paula, Uncle Frank, and cousin Amanda had made a long 9 hour trek to see him, so it was a treat for us to spend time with them. My Uncle Ben and Aunt Dana put on quite the Thanksgiving spread…I think Finn has found a new favorite place to go for food…

imgp4485.JPG  imgp4486.JPG

There was a train that, even though not really working, was still fascinating to the kids….



Finn was apparently really into reaching up to touch things…



I love this one.  I would really like to know what Finn was thinking in this picture…



Or in this one… Amazing how communicative he can be without any words.

(Please note the progress made: Finn was held by people other than his parents.  A-mazing.  Hmmm, maybe that’s what all the funny looks are about…)

 imgp4493.JPG   imgp4496.JPG

“Playing” checkers with Grandpa.


 Mia loves puzzles. Don’t tell her that’s what she’s getting from us for Christmas.  Really, it’s sort of a gift for myself too.  I’m tired of the Noah’s Ark puzzle we have to do twice a day…


 imgp4499.JPG    imgp4501.JPG

Love these of Finn with Grandpa.  Sweet little smile.  He seemed so fascinated with him.



 My new favorite picture of the two of them…


 imgp4508.JPG  imgp4509.JPG  imgp4520.JPG

One of Finn’s new favorite things…walking.  He was very excited Aunt Paula and Amanda were around because they were more than happy to take him for walks.



Don’t you remember how fun it was to hang out with your Aunts and Uncles? (still is…).  Yeah, especially when they let you play all the cool games on their phones.



I know Mia is really the only one looking, but I love the way Finn is looking up at Grandpa.



I’m so glad we decided to go… Visiting a grandparent with dementia in a nursing home brings a whole lot of unknowns, especially when you’re taking small children.  In the end, I’m so glad we just trusted that we would know what to do if something came up (but thankfully never had to) and took the kids anyway.  They had a great time and I think Grandpa was really happy to see them.  The kids were on their best behavior. Just sitting around for a while + visiting over the lunch hour and nap time = grumpy kids.  Usually.  Not this time. I have to say that they were pretty good (and I know it when I see it because the very next day we were not having a very good time at Wal-Mart, let me tell you…). A bottle rescued Finn and I found a little tiny box of milk duds in the bottom of my purse.  I don’t know how they got there and I don’t care.  Those four little chewy morsels that keep little toddler mouths busy a really.long.time. were perfect.  Both things were just enough to buy us a little more time.

We’re very thankful.  Thankful for family and the opportunity to see them.  Thankful for great people who want to take care of people and do such a wonderful job. Thankful that we were able to cheer some people up with our smiley kids. Thankful for the gift of life. So very thankful.

Thankfulness, by Finn

Well, Finn can’t draw cool little stick figures yet, but we know he’s thankful too.  How can we tell?  Look at this face:






 Life is good…

Yep, buddy…we couldn’t agree more.  We’re SO thankful for you.  We love you to pieces.


Pictures taken during one of his favorite times of the day: dinner (at the Daycare Thanksgiving Feast last night).

Thankfulness, by Mia

Mia “wrote” a book about the things she’s thankful for at school. I was so amazed as I was reading it.  It was so beautiful to see what Mia is thankful for, through her little eyes.

Here are a few of the pages:


Looks like I’m about to fall over…maybe I’m just dancing.  I love that BJ’s legs go over Finn…he is under us a lot these days as he crawls everywhere. Also, don’t tell Breezy that she’s merely known as BJ’s sister.  And don’t tell Braewyn that she didn’t even make the stick figure cut…


My favorite part: “a lot of…” Not sure why the plate is all the way on the other side of the page, but maybe it’s sitting waiting to have some from the serving bowl.  Let’s hope.


Yep, those 3 – Lily, Jane, and Mia – are tight.  I love that Finn made it on the friends page.  That just makes my mommy heart proud.  He doesn’t have any eyes, but hey…he’s on the page.


And I’m posting this because it was so special to me. I almost cried when I saw it.  Finn may not say Mama yet, but Mia lists me on the blank.  And even with all the nagging and hard days we’ve had the past couple of weeks (because you know, she’s 3 going on 15), she still says she’s thankful for me.  Well, kid.  Right back at ya.  SO thankful for you too.  Your dad and I are proud of you and thank the Lord every day for putting you in our lives.