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Dressing Up

It should come as no surprise to you that Mia’s costume this year was very pink:



Or that I recycled a Mia costume for Finn:


Wait! That is Finn, right?




Both costumes were awesome.

Mia is so very into pink and dancing (she keeps telling people she’s going to dance class…she’s not) and by the end of this Halloween extravaganza, she had perfected the ballet arm position and pirouette. Sort of. I made the tutu and she had or needed most of the other stuff so it was a pretty simple fix.  She loves the tutu and keeps wearing it over anything.

Finn’s birthday pal is a monkey so why shouldn’t he be one as well? And hey, I already had it in his closet from when Mia was a monkey (because she loved bananas so much). It was a little big on Mia when she wore it and Finn is a little younger than she was so it still wasn’t a perfect fit.  But he looked cute.

Daddy was gone last week on a business trip but StreetFest at church is so fun that we went anyway. We missed him but had a great time with our little buddy Jackson.



I’m only slightly disturbed that this looks like a pre-date picture…



Who says a girl in pink can’t throw?


  Excuse me, Mr. Buzz Lightyear…um, I think you’re about to experience some turbulence…


I didn’t get a picture of the wing in Finn’s mouth because I was trying to keep him from doing it.

Today we went to the office and let the kids roam the hallways. That was the extent of our trick or treating – I’m not really into the thought of lining up for candy from strangers. Mainly the lining up and battling crowds.

And man, getting pictures of the two of them these days is tricky.


Even if you enlist help:


Or have one pin the other one down:


And now for sugar detox…

Change of Plans

Mia had a field trip scheduled for today but we woke up to a cold and wet day so no pumpkin patch for us.  While it’s sad, I’ve just been given a huge gift.  I had already lined things up at work to be out so that I could go on the field trip so I decided to just go ahead and stay out.  Now I have a wide open morning with no agenda. 4 hours to myself and whatever I want to do.

I do need to get some cards in the mail since I finally (!) got a chance to go to the post office and buy stamps.  Now I can mail Mia’s thank yous.  I’ve been walking around with them in my purse for a few weeks.  But other than that, I’m going to open the blinds, watch the rain, drink my coffee while it’s still hot, relax and maybe read a little.

I had heard about this book called Still Alice from a friend on Facebook.  It’s about a neuroscientist who experiences early-onset Alzheimer’s.  My grandpa suffers from dementia and is not doing well. He fell last week and is now in a nursing home for rehab.  But, being away from home and what is his normal has made this very difficult for everyone and makes him less than an ideal patient.  I’m gripped by the reviews: “The experience of Alzheimer’s disease is a process of discovery. Readers…are artfully and realistically led through this process, moving from the questions and concerns that accompany unexplained memory difficulties to the experience of diagnosis and the impact of changing needs on relationships”, “a laser precise light into the lives of people with dementia and the people who love them”, and “You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to read this book. It will inform you. It will scare you. It will change you.”  So, yeah….probably not a feel good book but one I feel a strong desire to read.  I do hope to be informed, scared, changed.

Changes in plans can be hard, like the change that our family is experiencing as we walk through this new situation with Grandpa.  It can also be good.  A forced break and time to reflect and breathe.

Thank you, Lord for sending rain.  I needed it today.

Mia at Soccer

OK, so technically this happened a long time ago but you all can just pretend this is totally new – makes it more exciting for everyone.  I would have blogged about it sooner but it happened in the blur that people are calling “end of September/beginning of October.” I seriously don’t know what they’re talking about because I woke up and I had a crawling 10.5 month old who desperately needs a helmet and oh hey! let’s have another tooth pop through. Kid built like a line backer? Yeah, probably needs the protection of one.  Either that or I need a prescription.

Anyway! Soccer! Unfortunately the 4 practices are over.  Mia was just asking to go to soccer again yesterday.  While we were there it was a challenge for her to focus – she’s waaay too into what other people are doing. The best she did was when it was time to go around the field, kicking the ball and picking up chocolate.  Food motivates most members of this family, apparently.  But I think she really did have fun.


 Coach Daddy.


They had to learn to listen to the whistle and do different things depending on how many whistles they heard. I should get a whistle.



 Silly face.



 Scary face. My favorite.



 Knee on the ball.



 Waiting behind the blue line to hear what was next.


 A crowd favorite? Juice time.






 So cute.


And then, it was all over and it was time to go get her trophy.  She ran up to her coaches, gave them high fives, and ran back so proud of herself.


 img_3055.JPG  img_3056.JPG


img_3057.JPG  img_3058.JPG



Posing like the girl in the trophy…



 Big girl. With chocolate teeth…


Through it all, Finn was great. He suffered through the cold and found ways to entertain himself.


img_3044.JPG    img_3027.JPG


Of course, having Mocha come was extra special. He loves dogs.  (But please don’t give him one for his birthday…ahem…Uncle Jeff).


img_3029.JPG  img_3031.JPG



Come back, Mocha!


It was a fun month. And I’m sure there will be lots of soccer practicing in the back yard in the future.