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30’s done…on to 31. When I told Mia that I was going to be 31 she said “oh…me be 33”  Uh…ok, you are 3, not 33. Then today she said “Today is your birthday. You’re big ONE.” I guess because she was remembering 31.  Who knows?  She did say Happy Birthday about 57 times today.  It was awesome. She’s really into birthdays and loves picking gifts out and helping with the birthday celebrations.

We had a wonderful day.  We stayed home all day except for a make-up iddy biddy soccer practice because we got rained out last week.  Other than that, I stayed home and was allowed to sleep in, lounge on the couch, not wash a single dish, or worry about laundry.  I didn’t even change a poopy diaper.  It was awesome.

I woke up to the smell of blueberry muffins and coffee and ended the day with chocolate cake – with a candle and a happy birthday song, of course. Throw in mexican take out for lunch and the day could not have been better.  Even one of my favorite shows – Amazing Race – premiered tonight. What a thoughtful birthday gift, CBS. Thank you.

On Friday night, Mark took me out to dinner and then coffee and a game at a local coffee shop.  We played a new-to-us game called Scrabble Slam. So fun.  Fast paced and perfect for a coffee date since it’s not super long and doesn’t have a ton of pieces.


One of the most interesting parts of the evening was the siphon brewer.  This was fascinating and if you’re ever in town, we’re taking you out for you to experience it.  You feel like you’re back in chemistry class and all I could think of was the fact that the only way we could do this was alone on a date.  Tiny HOT flame on our table with kids.  Yeah, so not happening….

 img_3002.JPG   img_3003.JPG

img_3004.JPG   img_3006.JPG

It was a great evening, a great birthday.  It was really laid-back, which is what I had asked for.  After last year’s trip to Chicago and a whole year of 30 at 30, I was ready for a low-key day. This family does a good job at making a mommy feel special.


30 at 30: Recap

Well, my list is done (well…except for my 30 at 30 book…obviously all the text and pictures are ready to go – all the blog posts are my content – I’m just waiting for a coupon for that one 🙂 I’ll post a picture of it when I get it).

A year ago, I had a great time dreaming of things that I would like to do this year.  Things to do just for myself and things to do as a family.  I had high expectations that it would be a wonderful experience and it did not disappoint.  I highly recommend doing this.  Not once did I feel mopey about being 30 (not that I think I would anyway seeing as I always welcome birthdays hoping that someday, somehow, I’ll look like I’m the staff member at a college, not still a student…) and it was a great way to stretch the celebration and make the whole year really fun.  If anything, I feel like this year is a little more of a let down.  31.  Boring (although Mark and Mia – and Finn 🙂 – have done a great job making it a special day for me).  But…no fun list.  Judy did ask me if I was going to make a new list. Ha!  Not sure my family could handle it.  I do think Mark and I are going to make a family list for 2012 and maybe start a new tradition of a family list for the year.  As the kids get older they can add things too. I can’t wait to see what those are going to look like.

It was a good year.  I learned a lot. I took time to relax, have great experiences and savor the moment.  I made time to do things for myself (books/craft projects…) and carved out time for intentional family memories (hikes/picnics/fruit picking…). I’m so glad I did it and hope that I can take a few of the things I did this year and make them more of a habit.

Here’s the list again, with links to the posts…
1.      Learn to knit
2.      Make something on a circle loom
3.      Create something original on a canvas
4.      Learn how to make a balloon animal
5.      Sew something
6.      Paint something at a pottery place
7.      Try something different, fashion-wise
8.      Have a baby
9.      Lose the baby weight
10.  Run a 5k
11.  Make an ice cream bombe
12.  Cook with a new ingredient
13.  Bake a pie with a homemade crust
14.  Make homemade granola
15.  Eat at a new restaurant
16.  Take a road trip with friends to (try to) eat the biggest burger in Arkansas
17.  Ride a segway
18.  Go on a picnic
19.  Surprise Mark with a special date night (either a date in or a date out)
20.  Watch a movie at the theater
21.  Take pictures in a photo booth
22.  Go on a hike as a family
23.  Go blueberry or strawberry picking
24.  Do a puzzle…with more than 10 pieces… :)
25.  Do a themed dinner night (food, dress, flag, music, cultural tidbits)
26.  Find a perfume I like
27.  Read a book in Portuguese
28.  Watch a foreign film
29.  Sell/donate stuff I no longer need
30.  Make a book of my 30 at 30 experiences
Thanks to all of you who helped in some way or who joined me as I completed an item.  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

30 at 30: Film

30 at 30 #28: Watch a foreign film.

Mark and I like to watch movies together.  We usually get a redbox on Friday or Satuday night (we’re not netflixers – I know…so not hip) and settle in for a “date” after the kids go to bed.  We don’t go to the theaters much at all anymore (hence it making it on my list) so we rely on dvds to get our movie fix.  One thing that we have tried to be more intentional about is watching indie or foreign films.  Unfortunately because we don’t have a netflix account, it’s a little bit harder to access them but we have found some pretty good ones at redboxes.  For this item, though, Judy had just watched a Japanese movie and loved it and asked if I wanted to watch it.  Yes! So nice to know people who want to see you finish your list….(probably so I would quit talking about it already).


Freshly unemployed, young cellist Daigo (Masahiro Motoki) has an epiphany in which he realizes he’s been heading down the wrong career path. Retreating to his hometown, he trains for a new professional role as a nakanshi, or one who prepares the dead for burial. Tsutomu Yamazaki provides comic relief as Daigo’s eccentric mentor in director Yojiro Takita’s Oscar-winning, richly detailed — if unlikely — drama about finding your bliss. 

Great movie.  What I love about foreign films is that they seem so new and fresh and original.  New people, bright sceneries, great perspectives into cultures, and different plots.  This one had breathtaking cinematography, wonderful music (since the main actor was a cellist), and a story line that I can honestly say I had never seen before.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations.  Mark and I are always on the lookout for great movies to watch.