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Report From Sick Bay

It occurred to me that I probably left some of you hanging with Mia’s foot thing.  And by some of you, I mainly mean grandparents. And since one set of her grandparents can see how she’s doing, I thought I should update the other set.  She’s doing really well (more below).

Finn – Still sniffling. Still coughing some. Still not sure if it’s related to teething, but this much I do know: the new tooth poking through his gum today (!) means that I can officially blame a whole bunch of stuff on “teething.”  Actually, aside from the sniffles, this tooth has come in pretty much without drama.  He did cry once in the middle of the night.  We’ll call it “teething” – it just simplifies so much.   Tooth count = 2.

Joy – Better.

Mark – Not worse, I guess.  We haven’t really had a chance to really catch up on our day yet.  Dinner, baths, and bedtime (he’s reading to Mia right now) mean we talk later.

Mia – In typical child mystery illness fashion, as soon as we spent money she got better.  Well, sort of.  My sister said “well, don’t you know that the x-ray beam fixed it?” Yeah, just like calling to make an appointment and then turning around to see a symptom free child looking at you. Well, maybe it wasn’t that fast but thankfully, here we are only 2 days later and if you had never heard this crazy story, you wouldn’t have dreamed we were sent to do x-rays.  Seriously, that’s how much better she is.  If I stand and watch her really closely I can see slight evidence that something may be bothering her, but usually only at the end of the day after she’s been on it a while.  Fever also gone.  No other icky/cold symptoms.

So really, I don’t think we qualify as sick bay anymore.  Finn is probably the one that has the most symptoms but is currently one of the happiest in the bunch.  He’s smiling more than ever and finds any opportunity to flash that tooth (and its new next door buddy) and practice his adorable little wave.

Enter At Your Own Risk

We’re quite the bunch, let me tell you – and all this since Saturday: Finn has the sniffles, which when he is sleeping must drain because he’s coughing, I have the sniffles and a sore throat the past two mornings, and Mark had a sore throat this morning.

But Mia wins the supertrooper award.  She got x-rays this morning. Yes, that’s the kind of fun we’re having over here.

Yesterday she started not wanting to put weight on her foot.  She crawled a lot of the day because she just couldn’t even stand on it.  No swelling, ok to bend and twist, just painful to stand on.  Today, although she can put weight on it and can sort of walk – she’s still very cautious and walks very slowly – she woke up with a fever.  Awesome.  Off to the pediatrician we go.  He wasn’t concerned about the fever and the limping together. From what he can tell, they’re not related, which is good.  The fever seems to just be her fighting whatever we all may have.  No sign of underlying infection. His guess on the foot was a mild sprain (since she also has 2 bruises on the top of the foot that I think showed up Saturday night…who knows?) but wanted to make sure she didn’t have a tiny fracture that we weren’t catching.  So, we got to take some really awesome pictures of her foot. No fracture. Probably just a sprain. (And as a side note, Mia did so well during the x-rays. She sat completely still and didn’t even move her toes.)

And the treatment?…Motrin.  That’s what we got out of all of that.  Scheduled doses of motrin and keep an eye on it.  Which, I had already started doing yesterday, but I feel better knowing that we went in: that nothing’s broken and from the way she was tolerating him moving her ankle that it’s not a deeper infection or anything (which is really what I was worried about once I saw the fever this morning). Don’t worry, I had worked myself up into quite the panic without even touching google.  And no, I have no idea how it happened.  She was really active on Saturday evening so I’m wondering if that’s when it happened…

My parents are on their way back from Colorado right now and due to arrive in the next couple of hours.  They’re going to take one look at us and are going to hop back in the car and run for the mountains, even if they have been in the car all day already. We have orange juice in the fridge, Mom and Dad.  Drink up!

Ice Cream!

The kids’ school organized a Back to School Ice Cream Social this evening.  I only told Mia about it right before dinner (dessert is the perfect motivator for clean plates) and she was beyond excited.  She loves all her friends and I think the excitement of a full playground with all of them and their parents was a fun treat for her.  They did an awesome job with all the little details – hello, water bottle labels! – and it was nice for me to be at an event that I didn’t plan.  Feels good.

You’ll notice no pictures of Finn.  He was there. And he had a great time. (That kid loves people as much as his sister.) But it was warm (see Mia’s sweaty hair and rosy cheeks) and right around his bedtime so he was inside the school with Mark where he eventually crashed.  Not even a party can keep that kid from his desire to go to sleep early. Luckily, we know this about him and he attended in his pajamas.




We love ice cream! (sorry it’s fuzzy…but I just thought she had the sweetest smile in this one).



Eating ice cream with her friends, Coleman and Sophia.



 Cute water bottle labels. I’m such a sucker for those.





Intense concentration during craft time.



Finished ice cream cone! With even a pretend lick.


YUM! What a great event.  Thanks!