Monthly Archives: July 2011

“Cool” Kids?

It’s still hot, so it’s not that kind of cool.

Look at the big boy sitting by himself.



Oh yeah, I’m cool.


We’re finally getting away from having to watch him like a hawk…he used to get a little too excited and do this.


No worries, I caught him.  I sacrifice good photography for the safety of my children. Most of the time. Kidding, Mom.


But seriously. Love this stage. I can put him down and he can play and he won’t go anywhere. And he really won’t go anywhere…if he happens to topple forward or on to his side, he just sits there grunting until you come rescue him.  Not seeing much crawling in the near future from him.

And Mia?


I’m not even sure what that’s all about.  She’s watching tv.


Oh yeah, she’s cool…


BIG Stuff

Mia and Finn did some “graduating” in the last week or so…

Mia got a BIG girl bike from our neighbor’s garage sale (as a reward for success in the potty training world).


I probably wouldn’t have chosen a princess one, but Mia was thrilled to have a big bike that it didn’t matter. Now if it would just cool down enough for her to enjoy it…


And Finn got a BIG boy seat (I guess as a reward for growing out of his other one).


I sometimes miss being able to take him into places in his seat, but he was at the size limits for it and I really wasn’t able to carry it very well anymore anyway.  I think he’s a lot happier and less cramped.


Glad It Wasn’t Just Me

Confession #1: I let my toddler watch TV.

Confession #2: Sometimes I find myself watching the shows with her (and actually enjoying them).

It’s good that I do watch with her so that we can process as we watch.  Unfortunately, sometimes I can tell that some things are probably really funny if you’re 2.  If you’re 30, probably not so much. But hey, at least I have a handle on what she’s seeing.

Well, we were just watching Sid the Science Kid on PBS and they did a segment that apparently was supposed to be funny. I turn around to Mia to see if she’s giggling or at least smiling…you know, the general indicator of “oh mom, you’re so not cool anymore…that was hilarious” I look at her, she looks at me, shakes her head and says “That wasn’t funny…” Which, of course made me bust out laughing. Good to know that it wasn’t just me.