Monthly Archives: May 2011

Car Update

It was just the battery.

New battery in car.  Car running great.

My batteries not recharged. House still a mess.

Don’t you just wish you could get a new battery put in and everything just magically run great? Or get a housekeeper.  That would work, too.


We had a productive (and long) Memorial Day.  I checked three (yes, three!) items off of my 30 at 30 list and got a good head start on a fourth one.  So, I would say that’s pretty impressive.  But of course, when that much is happening there’s bound to be drama.   You could guess it was from the 2.5 year old and 6 month tagging along, but you would be wrong. We had an exciting road trip with what we hope ends up being only a battery issue, which involved being jumped 3 times.  My husband’s boy scout/paranoia actually came in handy as each person that we asked for help said “oh, but I don’t have jumper cables…”  Not a problem, we do.  Fortunately.

Anyway, we’re home, safe, and tomorrow will be the continuing of the adventure as Mark tries to figure out what’s up with the car. But with all the excitement, I am completely worn out.  This checking things off my list thing is making me grow older, I think.

There is no way I’m going to dig into the tons of pictures I took today, but here’s what went down on the 30 at 30 list: we ate the biggest burger in Arkansas, went on a hike, had a picnic, and I did some hunting on finding a perfume I like. The kids were wonderful all day and we were gone for almost 12 hours… Thanks to our good friends, Bob & Judy, who helped us tackle the burger, and Rachel and Jeremy, who also helped us with the burger and then went on to hike and picnic with us.  Oh, and endured the uncertainty of whether the car would start each time we turned it off (which it didn’t).

They entertained the kids and helped us carry them around all day…a big shout out to Jeremy who helped me carry Mia on the hiking trail.  35ish lbs on a rocky trail is no easy thing. At one point, as I was struggling uphill with Mia, I took a break and was looking back at Mark who was carrying Finn in the carrier to see if all was well with them.  Mia grabs my face between her hands and says “Focus, Mommy!” Where does she come up with these things?  Excuse me for being out of shape as I lug you up this trail.  Anyway, we all had a good laugh and kept telling each other to focus the rest of the day. She also patted Jeremy while he was carrying her and said “you’re the best…”  Yeah, he gets you’re the best and I get FOCUS, woman. Sweet.

All in all, it was a great day to get away and relax – well, and focus on having a good time and checking things off my list too, I guess!

I Stand Corrected…

We were driving home and Mia was not excited about it. Don’t blame her, really… It was a beautiful evening. It’s Friday. Why would we rush home? To ease the transition, Mark decided to take the long way home and make things a bit more interesting:

Mark – Hey Mia, I’m going to show you something. Would you like that?

Mia (thinking about it…) – Yeah…

Joy (trying to really hype this up so it sounds super fun) –  What is it, Daddy?!

Mia (serious) – That not your job, Mommy. That my job.

Joy (perplexed, amazed, and giggling) – What’s your job? Asking what it is?

Mia – Yes.

[pause] (lots of failed stifling of giggles)

Mia – I want you to show me something. What is it, Daddy?

Apparently, she’s figured out her job in our family. And it’s not open for other candidates.