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Time Out

Scene unfolds in the Stoner house on Thursday morning.

Mia calls from entryway, “Mommy, can’t reach it.  Help me.”

Joy answers from kitchen, “Coming…what do you need to reach?”

“The timer.”

Joy, grabbing the timer off the front door (where it lives for easy access since this is the time-out zone at the entry rug), “What do you need the timer for?”

“My ducky in time out.”

Joy, noticing “Ducky” sitting on the rug with his back to the door, “Your ducky is in time out?”

Mia, pushing the timer buttons, “Yeah”

“What did he do?”

“He touch my snack.” Apparently we take food seriously at this house.


A few minutes later, Mia sits on rug holding Ducky and telling him calmly “Ducky, you touch my snack.  We don’t do that.”

Soon after, Mia comes bounding in the kitchen holding Ducky and excitedly says “Mommy! Ducky no touch my snack again!!”

“He’s not going to touch your snack again?  You talked to him about that?”


Good.  I hope he doesn’t have to go to time out again.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Not sure if I should be impressed that she knows how to carry out the steps of a time out or appalled that she knows how to carry out the steps of a time out.  Either way, guess it’s clear what we do quite a bit of around here.

And what does it say that she’s putting Ducky in time-out for touching her food?  I mean, at least he did something but still.

Every day is exciting with that girl around…

First Food

Finn had cereal for the first time this evening.

Here it comes…




He loved it.


Can’t you tell?


His feedings have been getting closer and closer and I’ve been avoiding the whole mess but it’s just getting ridiculous so we decided to give it a go.  I could say he was really enthusiastic about it.

 I would be lying.





It seemed like the perfect time to start.  He had eaten earlier, but it hadn’t been too long, so I figured he was in the perfect state of not too full and not too hungry.  He was sitting in my lap all pleasant so I put him in the chair and started.

Yeah, I guess he sensed food was touching his lips and thought…“oh, food…huh…it’s been an hour…I could totally eat.  RIGHT NOW! And it’s so not going to be THIS STUFF on this SPOON.”

 “I mean…this bib sounds tastier than that.  THAT’S how bad it is.”



After he had a bottle, we tried again.  I also warmed it up just a tad.  We don’t want him to get used to it warm, but I realized that I had used water straight of the fridge so that was probably another reason he wasn’t a fan. Sorry, Finn…

It got better.



Maybe even enough to try again another day?


Yep, buddy.  We’ll try again.  But we won’t push it. We’ve got plenty of time to try new things.

Bring it on…

Both kids were snug in their beds at 7:15 last night and no footsteps down the hallway or good morning coos in the monitor until 7:15 this morning.  (well…Finn did need his pacifier at 6:20 this morning but he went back to sleep so I’m not counting it :)…).  Of course Mia hadn’t had a nap and Finn had skipped his 3rd nap of the day as well so I guess we all needed it.

Almost makes Monday a little more tolerable.  Bring on the work week.  (and the no naps and crying and whining).