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The Boys

Finn, hanging out with Daddy.






 All of a sudden we looked and Finn was out. But how that can be comfortable (for either of them – ha!) is amazing to me.

Sleeping Like Babies?

I’m glad I posted what I did yesterday, because it makes me remember the good times…

I came THIS CLOSE to printing this picture and hanging it up somewhere where I would look into it multiple times a day because I just knew I would never see it again (Mia was not napping again today).  One day I can take (not well, by the way), but two?  That’s bang your head against the wall material for me.

But, she finally fell asleep.  I just knew Finn was going to wake up 3 minutes after she went to sleep but he stirred a bit and then went right back to sleep. Both kids out at the same time: my favorite part of the day 🙂  And yes, I did sneak a quick nap in at the same time.  The house was so nice and quiet…

Hoping for good naps tomorrow.

Sleeping Like Babies

Some days naps don’t go so well

(like today — Mia didn’t nap and Finn kept thinking that he only wanted to nap while being held – I finally “convinced” him he needed to do it on his own)

Other days…they sleep long and hard.






 Both pictures were taken during what I call “DSTTTW” (Daylight Saving Time Transition Trauma Week)