Monthly Archives: January 2011

Where does she come up with this stuff?

When you find out what Mia wants to get her friends for Valentine’s Day, you’re going to wish you’re on that list.

Joy – Mia, we need to start thinking about what we want to do for Valentine’s Day.

Mia – Yeah.

Joy – What do you want to give your friends?

Mia – Money.

Finn’s Room

Finn has been sleeping in his room lately – and doing a really good job (although as I type this, I can hear him talking in his crib) – so I thought I would finally post pictures of it.  There’s still one section of wall that I would like to find something for and I think a fun rocket would be cool on his bookshelf, but for the most part it’s done and we’re really pleased with it.

We switched things up a bit from how it use to be in Mia’s room.  All the furniture is the same, but I wanted it to feel like a new room.  Moving stuff around really helped freshen things up in there and make it seem new and exciting.  Here are the pictures of how it used to be when she was in there.

The inspiration: bedding from dwellstudio for Target:



And now, starting at the door and going counterclockwise around the room:





And because no photo shoot happens without you-know-who busting in:


They’re Having Secret Meetings

I don’t know how, but I’m getting the feeling that the kids have, in less than 8 weeks, figured out a way to gang up against me. One can’t talk and the other one speaks in key word sentences only – “me. hurt. cry. Brenda. help” – we joke that she speaks in texting language already.  Lack of verbal skillz has not kept them from playing some fun pranks on me, though.

Yesterday, in less than 20 minutes both of them had MAJOR blow-outs involving whole wardrobe changes and bathtime.  Both. Practically at the same time. How does that even happen?

Then, this morning…both up at 6:30.  Really?  Is this really necessary.  And no, they’re not in the same room.  Finn was the first to be up but I got to him before he cried because I didn’t want him to wake Mia up, but I guess that didn’t really matter.

And just to be fair, the early wake-up call affected Mark too.  But he sure did miss out on all the fun from the previous afternoon.

I have a feeling things could get dicey when they’re teenagers.