Monthly Archives: November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re all still sitting around in our jammies.  It’s c.o.l.d. outside (34 and rainy – yesterday it was in the 70s…go figure) so it’s the perfect morning to stay inside.  The parade is on, there’s warm monkey bread and hot coffee…yum.

We’re thankful for a warm house, sweet girl, little baby boy who’s still happily “baking”, and so so much more.  We’ll be heading to thanksgiving dinner with friends later today but for now, here are some pictures of the fun we’ve had up until now.


The girls acting cheesy at Mia’s Thanksgiving Feast at school.



Thanksgiving crafting fun.  We just got her hair cut a few days ago and she’s very proud of it.  It was starting to look really scraggly so we had to do something about it.  She looks so grown-up!

30 at 30: Sell/Donate Stuff

30 at 30 #29: Sell/Donate stuff I no longer need.

Call it being fed up with all the stuff everywhere.  Call it we have to make room for another person in here.  Call it nesting.  Call it whatever you want.  I just wanted to get rid of some stuff this year and simplify things a little bit.

It’s been good.  We’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we didn’t need or didn’t have room for anymore.  We listed things on craigslist, had a garage sale, and took a load to the Salvation Army.  Feels nice.  Of course, a little extra money doesn’t hurt eiher….  We even got rid of our christmas tree.  Semi-sad to see that one go.  It was so pretty, but the reality of a giant 9 foot christmas tree that has to be assembled branch by branch was just a little bit too much with two kids. So, no…actually not too sad to see it go.  Now we don’t have one for Christmas (ha!) but we’ve got some time to figure that out.


Mia, saying goodbye to her stuff… 🙂

One person’s junk is indeed another person’s treasure.

30 at 30: Movie Theater

30 at 30 #20 – Watch a movie at the theater.

Some of you probably think it’s weird that this would even make my list for this special year, but as rare as it is for us to be able to go see something, it really is worty of making it on THE LIST.  By the time we get a sitter and then pay for the movie, it becomes a really expensive deal. Sure, it’s a fun thing to do, but honestly, if we’re getting a sitter we would rather get one and then go to dinner where we can talk and not have to worry about somebody’s sleeve being in the ketchup half of the time.  Well, I still worry about that for myself (but it’s more what’s landing on my belly these days) but that’s a whole different issue.

So yes, I wanted this to be on my list.  During Mark’s birthday surprise we had the opportunity to go and watch something.  We decided on The Social Network.  Fascinating movie, by the way…

Here I am with my giant tub o’ popcorn. 


People were probably wondering why I was getting my picture taken in there with my popcorn.  I don’t get out much folks, ok?  Need to document this for posterity.