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We’ve Created a Monster

Tonight at bedtime, I picked out pajamas for Mia to wear.  Now, while these pajamas matched – as in they had the exact same colors in the top and bottoms – they were not part of the same set.  No big deal, I thought.  They still match.  YES, it’s very important to me that things match.  Even when I’m sleeping.  I know this makes me a nerd.  I’m ok with that.

Well, Mia would NOT put the shirt on.  I’m wondering what’s going on when she starts saying “another one” and pointing to the hippos on her pants and pointing at her other clothes.  See, the pants had hippos and her shirt had an owl.  She knew that those did not go together.  Apparently hippos and owls cannot live peacefully in the same habitat, according to her.  So, we had to go get the hippo shirt out of the pile of clothes to be folded and then she was fine.

I would say “where does she get this psychotic matching obsession?” but I already know the answer….me.

Today, she wanted some fruit snacks but it was getting a little too close to dinner so here was the exchange between father and daughter:

Mark – Ok, you can have one.

Mia – Two.

Mark – One.

Mia – Two. Two. Two. Dramatic flailing of body to the floor, for added emphasis.

I would say “where does she get this crazy love for negotiating and bargaining?” but I already know the answer…Mark.

Pumpkin Carving

Our friends, Jeremy and Rachel, came over for some pumpkin carving fun last night.  Mia did a pretty good job of getting her hands in there and getting dirty, although you could tell she wasn’t quite sure what to think of the texture.


All ready to go!



Sketching out the design with daddy…



Working on the pumpkin with daddy.



Pumpkin Mustache!



Rachel’s pumpkin



Working on a pumpkin with Rachel



Mark’s “Kitty” Pumpkin (with the “Mia” baby pumpkin)

After we put the pumpkins outside (with glow sticks inside) and cleaned up, we got to work on the next project.  Cleaning all the seeds so we could toast them.

We put them out overnight to dry out…



and then tossed them in olive oil, salt, and garlic powder.



Yummy.  I’m sitting here eating them as I type this.

Toilet Paper Game

Last night was our annual TP game at the university.  At the men’s first basketball game of the season, everybody takes a roll of toilet paper and then throws it onto the court after the first basket.  It’s a weird tradition, but oh so fun.

Here’s Mia saying “CHEESE” before the game started, at the pre-game reception.  Total goof ball.



And there’s all the toilet paper.




Just to see how much she’s grown, here she is at her 3 toilet paper games:


TP Game 2010     TP Game 2009     TP Game 2008

(Side note: that picture of her in 2008, when she was about 6 weeks old, doesn’t look like her….so strange.  Other baby pictures around the same time you can see features she still has, but she just looks so different to me in that one.  Amazing how much they change, and so quickly.)