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A “Happy” Weekend

Mia was a little disturbed at first that it wasn’t her “happy” anymore, but after convincing her that she could share with me, she was ready to enjoy the fun.  Amazing what a two year old picks up on.

Saturday we went to a nearby state park and took Mia’s two year old pictures and some belly shots.  Not many belly pics, but enough to at least document this child was actually in my womb (poor kid…definitely not getting the weekly photos his sister did).  I’ll post pictures as soon as we get them off the other camera.

After church we went out to eat and then came home to a movie and red velvet cake.  Well, Mia came home to bed and we came home to a movie and cake.  Perks of being over 30, I say.

Sunday I went out to lunch and to a bridal show.  Our event office workstudy student is getting married next summer so it was fun to go with her and see her get excited about all things wedding.  It was good for me and my coworker too as we’re always on the look for new ideas and trends in the industry.  I sampled waaaay too many cupcakes and wedding cake bites, though.  Best part of the whole thing was the unexpected surprise of getting to check something off of my 30 at 30 list.   I never expected to check one off that quickly, but it was so cool.  Let me tell you, it was as fun as I imagined it would be when I thought about putting it on my list. Let’s hope the rest of the things are that fun.  I’ll make a whole different post devoted to what happened…you’ll just have to wonder which one it was…


I’m 30 today.  Yep.  The big THREE-OH.

Honestly, I’m not that freaked out by it.  I know that to a lot of people it’s a really big deal and is often acquainted with being old (you’re young if you’re in your twenties, but once you’re in your thirties you’re getting old…a “thirty something”), but I don’t really feel that way.  At least not yet.

But, 30 is a big deal.  And so I wanted to make the most of it.  I wanted it to be a year of fun things for me.  I may hit March and all of a sudden get depressed because I’m now in my thirties, who knows?  Since most people equate 30 with a gloom year and some have bucket lists they want to do before they turn 30, I decided to flip that and make a list of things to make this a year of celebration and a year of stuff I look forward to doing.

Yes, a list.  I know you are all surprised.

So, I created my 30 at 30 list.  30 things I want to do while I’m 30.  They’re all things that I want to do, things that seem like fun to me.  It’s not a list of resolutions like “be a better wife and mother”. Even though that is always something I hope to work on, that’s not what this list was about.  It’s not a list of important goals for this year like “potty train Mia”.  That’s something I hope happens, but not really something I want documented as something I looked forward to doing when I was 30 (besides, not sure if I could check it off)!  It’s not a list of things that need to happen.  Some are easy, some will take some time, some I’ve done before but want to take time to do again, some are completely new experiences to me, some require a little money, some are completely free, but they should all make this a fun year…something to look forward to as I go through the dreaded THREE OH.


1.      Learn to knit

2.      Make something on a circle loom

3.      Create something original on a canvas

4.      Learn how to make a balloon animal

5.      Sew something

6.      Paint something at a pottery place

7.      Try something different, fashion-wise

8.      Have a baby

9.      Lose the baby weight

10.  Run a 5k

11.  Make an ice cream bombe

12.  Cook with a new ingredient

13.  Bake a pie with a homemade crust

14.  Make homemade granola

15.  Eat at a new restaurant

16.  Take a road trip with friends to (try to) eat the biggest burger in Arkansas

17.  Ride a segway

18.  Go on a picnic

19.  Surprise Mark with a special date night (either a date in or a date out)

20.  Watch a movie at the theater

21.  Take pictures in a photo booth

22.  Go on a hike as a family

23.  Go blueberry or strawberry picking

24.  Do a puzzle…with more than 10 pieces… 🙂

25.  Do a themed dinner night (food, dress, flag, music, cultural tidbits)

26.  Find a perfume I like

27.  Read a book in Portuguese

28.  Watch a foreign film

29.  Sell/donate stuff I no longer need

30.  Make a book of my 30 at 30 experiences


 I’ll document each item and bring you along on the fun.  Maybe it will make some of you look forward to 30 or help others of you feel like you’re 30 again…

You Know You’re In The Third Trimester When…

  • you make the final payment at the doctor’s office for the prenatal visits – that was a wake up call today…
  • your next appointment is in 2 weeks – how are we already at that point?  Yikes.
  • you get heartburn every day, sometimes multiple times a day – yuck, I had forgotten about this…
  • the weeks left on the “countdown calendar” are in the single digits – we’re still (or only) at about 10 weeks left, but soon that scary single digit week number will be coming…
  • it gets harder and harder to roll over in bed at night…
  • you start panicking when you think about all the stuff you haven’t done yet – yeah, stuff like picking a name…

Here’s to the last 10 weeks or so.  Things are starting to pick up at work, which makes me think this is just going to go so much faster.  Slow down, time. I still have stuff on my list.