Monthly Archives: August 2010

Mia as “Big Sister”

People ask us a lot if Mia knows what’s going on or how she’s doing with the whole baby thing or how we think she’ll do.

It’s all a guess at this point.  Isn’t most of what she does all day long just a guessing game?  Yes.

Does she know what’s going on? – She will answer you if you ask her where her baby brother is (still at home by the way) and she knows what to do when you ask her to give brother a hug and a kiss. Does she know what that means and that a little baby who will soon take all her toys and make her mad is who she’s talking about? Nah.

How’s she doing with the baby thing? – She’s about to lose her room and upgrade to an awesome brand new room room with a cool bed and bedding she loves.  I think at that point we’ll see if she starts putting things together or not.  We’ll be moving all her stuff out – with great celebration because it’s a big deal she gets all of that not that baby brother is taking her room…(how do you explain that to a 2 year old?…you don’t, I guess – you do it and carry on).

How we think she’ll do – I actually think she’ll do really well.  One great thing about daycare is that she has been around itty bitty babies.  Right now they have a 3 month old and so that’s been good “practice” for her.  She is completely enamored with babies and always wants to peer into any car seat or stroller she sees.  If anything, I think she’ll be a little TOO interested and maybe a little bit TOO helpful.  She’ll be very gentle, though…she’s learned that she has to be gentle with babies and she is.  Will she sit on him at some point?  Probably.

So who knows, really?  I’m excited to see how she does and how the next 3 months (yes, gasp with me…3 months) are going to be as this house starts to look more and more like we’re welcoming a 4th member.

Mia’s Baby Book

I finished Mia’s baby book! Before she turned two! Go me.

I actually finished it a few months ago, back before our trip to Europe, but with all the Europe planning and getting pregnant and all, well…I just forgot to post about it.  But not because I wasn’t excited about getting it done.  Because I was, and am, especially now that I have another one to do.  I really didn’t want to have two going at the same time.  Oh, no.

I created my own format for her book and will probably follow it for his.

The first half of the book has generic pages like: pregnancy, name, baby shower, nursery prep, arrival, milestones, bath time, eating, etc.


Then, the second half of the book follows her first year: month by month with pages for holidays put in as needed. It starts off with one of my favorite pages, a glance at her first year with a block for each month giving a short summary of what happened or what she was doing.


At the end of the book is the section for her brown bear pics. A cover page with her at next to Brown Bear at the hospital and a picture of the empty chair, waiting for their “adventure” to start.


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’m not one who does a ton of stuff on each page.  I am not a scrapbooker.  Nor did I have the time, or supplies, or money, to dedicate entire pages to just one picture, so they’re more collages with a few little things thrown in here and there.

Guess I better be on the lookout for scrapbooking sales again to start gathering my supplies for his book.  Hopefully I finish it before he turns two as well.

Oh, and by the way…this is what they get. I’m not committing to books that follow their lives.  They get a book that follows their first year closely and has a few pages that grow with them (milestones/funny things they said/first time you…/favorites/etc) but those are just a “fill in the blank” deal.  I’d rather aim for one year and do it for each kid then go all out on the first and run out of steam (which I totally know I would do since I have ONE belly pic of this kid. Poor second child).

Mia’s First College Concert

There was a picnic and outdoor concert tonight up at the university and while my part of the job was over, I thought I would run up and take some pictures of it all set up.

Mia’s friend Jackson and his friend, Jorja, were there as well so the kids had a blast running all over the place, riding their tricycles (well…the other two rode, Mia still doesn’t quite push hard enough to propel herself so she either pushed it, walked it, or made us push her), eating carnival type food, playing frisbee with the big college students, and munching on sno cones (Mia’s flavor? plain…no syrup.  Hey, the kid loves ice and who am I to tell her that they’re super sugary syrup to go on it. I figure she’ll find out some day, why rush?).

Then the concert started.  Whoa, Mia was in heaven.  She was swinging her hips and clapping and just having a grand time.

Perfect weather. Fun food. Plenty of room to just run and squeal with friends. Live music. It really was a fun evening.