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Big Sister Practice

Sure, it’s cute when she does it to her baby doll…let’s just say that little brother is going to be one tough cookie after all the “mothering” and help he’ll get from Mia.





And two comments:

1 – This is all initiated by her…

2 – I’m sorry about all the”sans pants” pictures.  When it’s hot and we’re in and out of the bathroom pretending that we need to go potty and pulling pants up and down, I just forgo the bottoms…too much work and I’m lazy.

The Power of Good Design

Attractive food packaging sells products…and I have proof.

I reorganized the pantry this weekend and in the process moved stuff that was more toddler-grabby-hand-friendly to the lower shelves.  I used to have all my spice bottles down there, which was fine: non-breakable, loads of fun for Mia but really just a pain for me because I could never find anything.  And I like my ground red pepper next to my red pepper flakes…I know, I’m weird like that. So, cans have been sitting down there where she can still play but not break anything (including my organizational system).  Well, this weekend I shifted more stuff around and I placed the container of Nesquik down there, too.  Not super low, but apparently RIGHT AT EYE LEVEL.

Mia has had Nesquik before.  We bought it when she went through her “you’re taking me off of formula and you want me to drink cow’s milk? yeah right” phase.  But she didn’t love it at the time (wasn’t formula) and hasn’t had much, if any, since then.  And really hasn’t seen us take it down and use it.  (Our Nesquik indulging times come after bedtime…same for the blue bunny ice cream bars in the freezer.  Shh, don’t tell her.

Anyway, none of that mattered.  It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t really know what’s in there.  All that matters is that there is this awesome BUNNY on the front with A STRAW and I gots to have some NOW.  Get in mah sippy cup!!  And yes, she giggles as I stir it into her milk.  Giggles.

Good design works, folks.  So does really thinking about your food placement in the pantry, apparently.



Oh, the agonizing that goes on in this house on what to name our children.  Seriously, it is not even funny.  Mia didn’t even have a middle name until she was 2 days old, that’s how pathetic it is.

Part of the problem is that we want to find names that work phonetically in both English and Portuguese.  Yes, pop culture has introduced the whole world to English/American names so it’s not like people couldn’t learn it or say it, but we just like the idea of having names that are simple to say phonetically and that could work in many different languages.  It’s just something that we would like to pass on to our kids.  A name that is in some ways international…that if their name is ever called off of a list in another country that it won’t be super butchered or that they can have their name as is, not translated.  (Side note: Mia’s name, Amilia, while phonetic in several languages is by no means a name that Portuguese speakers are used to, so while they can read it well they look at us and say “oh, how original” when they hear it.  Our plan sort of worked with her 🙂 sheesh, just when you think you have it all figured out)

So, you can see how this could get tricky.  And for some reason boy names are even harder than girl names.  If Mia were to have come out a boy, he would have had to be Amilia Kate because we had ZERO name options in that delivery room.

It’s not looking so good at this point, either.

I have friends due right around the same time as me and they already have names picked out.  Names.  First and middle.  Wow.  I’m always impressed when people have names that quickly.

But, I’m confident that we will find something to put on this baby’s birth certificate.  And hopefully we’ll love it as much as we do our girl’s name.  It won’t be easy, I’m sure.

To help in our quest for a name, we’re reading through a baby name book – 60,000 names there’s gotta be something  in there we can use.  Surely.  But oh, are there some doozies.  In the girl section there were things like Schmoopie.  Really?  Schmoopie? I wish I had shared some of those gems with you last time so I’ve decided that over on my list blog, I’ll feature some of the names we will NOT be choosing for this kid. Just for some comedic relief for me (and you) in this difficult process.  “A” names are already up…check back often as I go through the alphabet.