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Madeira, Part 3: High School Friends

We were able to have dinner with my 3 best friends from high school.  One of them graciously offered to host all of us girls, our husbands, and two girls and prepared quite the feast.  It was so nice to all be together again and laugh like the old days.  Miss you girls…


Just us girls, with two distracted toddlers.



All of us together.


Mia had a BLAST with Eduarda, Suzana’s daughter.  Eduarda is an awesome singer, so she would sing and Mia would get her moves on.  It was cute to see two girls who didn’t understand each other have a fun time playing.  (And yes, Mia fully enjoyed the meal Catia prepared and promptly got it all over her white shirt because her mother forgot to take a bib…oh, well).



Madeira, Part 2: Out and About

While we did our fair share of relaxing as much as we could, we did get out – it is the child’s favorite activity, after all…


Dad had to go into work a few days while we were there so we decided to join him on one of the days and walk around downtown while he was at the office.  Mia had a fun time exploring and was making friends fast…some of them, although many (many) years older, were just her size 🙂





We took a quick trip around the island – so much faster these days with all the new tunnels – to see what was new and what had been affected by the flooding a few months ago.  While downtown is cleaned up, you can still see the marks of the storm and the devastation is still pretty evident in certain parts of the island outside the main city.  All in all, though, things are being rebuilt and stronger this time in preparation for anything else that may come in the future.  The island was still as beautiful and green as we remembered.  Mia enjoyed her tour as well…she slept through almost the entire thing.





My parents live really close to the ocean, so we took a few walks down by the beach a few times.  On our list was to have Mia at least dip her toes in the water…well, dip her toes was about all she did.  The water was still fairly cold, probably.  She was happy to just walk around on the sidewalk and call that her “beach-going experience.”




When she wasn’t staring at others playing music, she was jumping in herself.  She tried the recorder, but couldn’t figure out that she wasn’t supposed to use her nose (when she puts everything else in her mouth, go figure), so she turned to the drums and had a great time on those.






We got in plenty of time doing Mia’s two favorite activities: eating and playing.  She made instant friends at the playground, sharing a see-saw with a boy *gasp* and had a great time picking out dessert with daddy off of the picture menu.