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Home, Mostly

We’re home from our two week trip to the UK and Portugal.

We’re home, but none of our bags are.  That’s right.  ALL 3 of our checked bags failed to get on the plane. What are the odds that all 3 went missing? When we travel, we split all our stuff evenly among all the bags in case one doesn’t make it.  Guess that’s not so helpful if none of them end up showing.

After 16 days, 7 flights, and countless train rides, we go and lose them on the very last leg.  And when I say “we”, I mean the airline, of course.  But hey, at least it was on the last flight where it doesn’t really matter anymore.  We did see them in Atlanta where we had to get them in custom and recheck them.  We put them where they told us to, but I guess from there on it’s anybody’s guess.  They have no clue where they are at this point.  Comforting, huh?

The only nice thing?  I don’t have to feel guilty about not unpacking tonight…

We had a wonderful time and have tons of pictures and stories to share, but we’re all tired.  It’s 7:30pm, but our bodies think it’s 1am and we’ve been awake since 5:15am London time so we’re coming up on a full day without any sleep.  Mia has had 2 short naps but has held up incredibly well.  She just got a bath and is now getting her pajamas on.  Hope I can find enough energy to do the same.

We’re sad it’s over but it also feels good to be home.  Mia ran around the house when we first got home, rediscovering all her toys and giggling.  Bless her heart, it’s like Christmas all over again…

Until later, when I can think more coherently (and hopefully have good news about our bags to tell)….

Little Miss Chatterbox

I’m not usually a fan of graphic t-shirts with their witty (or stupid or inappropriate) sayings on them.  Mia does NOT need a t-shirt that claims she’s a princess…

Sometimes it’s hard to buy clothes without any sayings on them at all, but I try my best to avoid them.

I may have to change that though…I’m this close to breaking down and buying a t-shirt for Mia like this one:


I saw a really cute one yesterday in a store we were in and should have just gotten it (much cuter than this one, but I can’t find a picture of it now).

Or there’s this one:


Because no shirts could claim more truth about Mia than those.

Wow.  It’s like she’s just exploded this week.  Granted, half the time you can’t understand a word she’s carrying on about but we’ve hit the dreaded classics: Waz DAT? and MINE.  I was actually surprised we hadn’t heard them yet but she’s making up for it now.  And it’s waz dat? about everything.  I’m happy for her curiosity and answering that question is definitely easier than answering the next question that I dread the most: WHY?  I just CANNOT wait for that day to come (sarcasm intended).

She’s also starting to combine words together to communicate.  It’s truly amazing to see.  Still no progress on actually verbalizing the word please – she only says it with her sign language – so not sure what that’s all about.  Stubbornness, I imagine.

So the next time you’re around Mia, be ready for her to talk your ear off. And have an answer ready for Waz DAT???… believe me, you’ll need it.

Mia’s First Haircut

Mia got her first haircut.  She did great: sat in the big chair, stayed still (as still as a 20 month old can be), let the scissors get near her head, and then thoroughly enjoyed the sucker she got.