Monthly Archives: April 2010

Sleep Training Of a Different Kind

Last week we had sleep training at our house in preparation for the trip.  That went pretty well…sure there was some scratching before she fell asleep and I think she doesn’t enjoy being in there when she wakes up because she can’t stand up – she’s always standing up waiting for us when we go get her in her crib.  But all in all, except for maybe about 15 or 20 minutes less sleep than usual for nap and overnight (yeah, we tried it overnight that night), things seem to be a go.  We’ve put it away in the interest of keeping things fun and new and will pull it out the week of the trip.

This week we’ve had a different kind of sleep training.  Not really planned but just kind of as a result of some work stuff that I’ve had.  She’s been (way) delayed in her naps both yesterday and today and yesterday was only able to take a short (45 min.) nap in the car.  Definitely not how we usually do naps – I try to protect naptime – but it occurred to me today that this may be how things are on the trip.  Leaving the monster of jetlag out of it, there will be days when she won’t be able to nap at the usual time, or she’ll have to have a shorter nap, or she’ll have to nap in the car/train/plane.  She’s done ok.  She hasn’t fallen apart too much and while you could tell that she could use a nap she wasn’t a complete bear.  And I can take that.  Hopefully.

Another First

Mia experienced another first this weekend…

She rode a horse.


It was hard to tell whether she was excited/intrigued/scared…for once her expressions were hard to decipher.  Although, when she was done and they were walking away from the horse, she wanted to go back so my guess is she liked it.

And because she’s such a lady, she rode sidesaddle.