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I knew Mia loved cheese sticks and while I may have heard her say “cheese” a time or two before today, I still wasn’t prepared for her to say it when I lifted my phone to take a picture of her!  I don’t even use my camera phone that much…

I thought maybe I had just imagined it – you know…mommy syndrome (aka my child is the SMARTEST KID ALIVE illness)….but later today Mark grabbed the normal camera, turned it on to take a picture of her, and we hear in a tiny little voice:


Poor thing…totally picture deprived.  I don’t even ever remember saying it, although now I’m sure I must have.  She has also entered the phase of needing to look on the back of the camera to see the picture.  Girl’s a digtal world baby. 

The things they pick up on….

A Whole New World

Well, looky there…somebody got all gutsy today after dinner…





 This was the first time she had ever made it even past the second step down at the bottom of the play equipment.  She just kept going and going.  She was so happy to be climbing up the thing.  I was afraid we were going to have to go up and get her in case she got scared (and fyi, some of those structures are so not build for adult sized bodies).  But no, at the top there was a car with a STEERING WHEEL – which is basically her favorite thing EVER – so there was no fear in that girl.  Only lots of play.

A whole new world has opened up for this child.  And her parents, probably.

How did she finally come down?  After we called her name and pointed at an ice cream cone.  Yes, we’re those parents who bribe their kid off of a playground with food dessert.  There was no way she was coming down otherwise.  She was the only one up there – Queen of the play equipment – and she was having a ball.  I called her name and she came running to one of the windows to look down.  I pointed to the ice cream and asked if she wanted some.  You should have seen her turn around and start booking it.  Wow.  That girl likes her food.  But every step on the way down she would stop, look at me, look at the ice cream, look back up at the tunnels, make sure that the offer for ice cream was still valid and then make another move closer.  Once she made it to the bottom she came barreling to me with her tongue tucked in the corner of her mouth, grinning.

Exploring new and high places AND ice cream.  Now that is a good day for an 18 month old.



Fashion Rewind?

I was browsing around looking for new shoes for Mia…and found this page.

Now, tell me again what year my child was born in?  I should have told my mom to keep all my shoes so Mia could wear them, because some of those are getting awfully close to looking like some that were around when I was a kid.

Seriously?  We didn’t learn anything from those years?  And it’s not just shoes…the toddler shirts/shorts/skirts look straight out of my youth dresser.  Well, not mine.  I wasn’t THAT cool (plus I lived overseas were I was immune removed from some of these fashion trends).

To be fair, it’s not just kids’ clothing, it’s adult lines as well, but I’m having a hard time being ok buying some of that stuff.  Some of it is cute, but neon high-tops? I think I have to draw the line there.  Or somewhere.