Monthly Archives: February 2010

Staying Home

Mia’s better.  She’s pretty much back to her old self, maybe due to the 37ish hours sleep she’s gotten since Friday afternoon.  (And as I type this she’s asleep again, she hasn’t seen 7pm since Thursday!)  I mean, she was almost like a newborn again, only awake for about 4 or 5 hours a day total.  Poor thing.

She hadn’t had a fever since last night and then today she woke up from her almost 4 hour nap with a temp of 101.2.  Not horrible, but enough to keep us home tomorrow per the no temps of 101 or higher within 24 hours policy at daycare.  I appreciate the policy, though, as I know sometimes parents try to bring their kids back when they “seem” fine.  Mia has only gotten a temp in the early afternoons the last few days and then it’s gone…so in the mornings it would have seemed fine to let her go but in fact she was still sick.  Fevers are weird like that.  And annoying.  And potentially scary.  She’s done a good job of eating and drinking.  Not her usual intake, but enough to not make me panic.

So, we’ll stay home again tomorrow morning.  It’s been a good weekend of snuggles, sleeping on the couch on mommy’s chest (she’s a bit heavier than the last time she did that when she was just weeks old…), and licking popsicles.

Sick Baby

I’m so ready for winter to be over.  What with us being sick and then with Mia’s pink eye and then coughing and now today, I’m just done.  Tired of illness.

Mia had a fever.  I can take snotty noses and even coughs, as annoying as they are.  But fevers stress me out.  (Well, I think vomiting would too, but we haven’t had to deal with that *knockonwood* so I’m sure you’ll have to talk me off that ledge when I get there).  I’m just glad my brother is a paramedic and can be my little personal call service.  Mia got some Motrin and went to bed at 5:45.  Bless her heart, you could totally tell she wasn’t feeling well.  We held her all afternoon and she catnapped in our arms, which if you know her is SO unusual.  She is a busy little girl and to see her so quiet and calm was enough to know she wasn’t herself.  Something’s been going around daycare and town with lots of people sick…

So, we just kept offering her liquids, held her, sang to her, and comforted her.  Hopefully she gets the rest she needs now.  Her body responds well to Motrin and doesn’t have a fever right now. She’ll probably be up at 4am, starving, but hey…that’s ok 🙂

During naptime, I had just read this blog about this family who just found out their 2 year old has cancer again (for the 4th time) and there’s nothing they can do.  I don’t know them at all, but my heart still ached for them.  I read their story and just felt for them.  I can’t even begin to fathom that pain. They talked about just loving him, holding him, and cherishing every moment.

And as I read, I realized that I don’t do that enough.  I mean, we love her and we hold her and we cherish her but in a time when she tests us and the effort to discipline lovingly and consistently is so in our face everyday, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in that.  To get to the end of the day and fall into bed exhausted and frustrated from the testing and trying instead of falling into bed (still exhausted, for sure) but happy and thankful.

She’s a spitfire.  She is independent, practically fearless, thrives on people and chaos, and is strong and determined.  All of those can be a challenge, but we love her for them.  She keeps us on our toes but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  And yet, while we love that about her, it also exhausts us.  We have to stand strong a lot (because she’s so stinkin’ strong) and we have to be consistent guides in her life.  But today, when she wasn’t running around pulling stuff out of cabinets and hiding her baby doll in the pantry and climbing on the furniture, we held her.  Tight.  And we rocked her to sleep.  Because even though we were tough on the no-rocking to develop good sleeping patterns, sometimes a good rocking chair and lullaby are good for the soul.  Hers and ours.  Today wasn’t much fun, but I cherished every moment.

And please hear me, our little fever is in no way meant to imply that we understand what it means to have a sick child.  We don’t.  It was just a reminder that I need to remember and hold on to days like today.  To realize that I started the day off wanting to get stuff done but what I needed to do was hold her.  That that’s what it’s about sometimes.

Go hug somebody you love.  🙂


It’s fascinating to see how Mia’s mind puts things together.  It makes sense that she learns things in conjunction with other things but sometimes the way she comes to those just boggles my mind.

Here are a few examples:

The other day we were talking to our friend Brett and we asked her if she could say Hi to Mr. Brett.  She hears “Brett” and puts her hand on her head.  Where she has a “BARRETTE.”   Wow.

One day I noticed she kept saying “row, row, row” and I just thought she was wanting to sing the song.  A day or so later when I was picking her up at daycare, her teacher said that she says “row, row, row” when it’s time to wash her hands because that’s the song they sing when they wash their hands (to make sure they’re washing long enough).  I knew that they sang that.  And I knew that she was saying the right words.  But I didn’t realize she was asking to wash her hands.  Duh.  And now, we sing the song here at home and she’s always ready to stop at the end of the song.  One time I made the mistake of not singing it and she was not happy when I turned the water off.  Apparently there is a right and a wrong way to wash our hands.

A couple of weeks ago we couldn’t find her toothbrush.  She was brushing her teeth and ventured off with it and we didn’t follow her.  Big mistake as it was now missing.  So, we were in the living room and we asked her where her toothbrush was.  She looks at us, gets up, walks into her bathroom and points to the counter.  Yes, that’s where it should be, but good girl for knowing where it’s supposed to go.  We later found it underneath her booster seat high chair…right at her eye level!

Anytime you ask her if she wants to go outside, she runs to the area by the door where her coat is hanging.  Poor girl…it’s been a long winter.  She won’t know what to do when we can just go outside without layering up!

Every time my boss sees Mia, he tries to teach her the elephant: he stretches his arm out, raises it, and makes this pretty amazing imitation of an elephant.  She loves it and giggles and will imitate every once in a while.  Today, she was walking around the office and came to his door.  She stopped in front of it, stretched out her arm, raised it and did a slightly more constipated version of the elephant.  Nobody had done it yet. She just saw that it was him and decided to do it.  Guess that’s their greeting to each other now.

The mind of a toddler is a fascinating thing.