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Snowstorm 2010 Day 3

Since this mom is so not cool enough to be building any kind of structure or sculpture outside, we did all our building inside.  Mia had a great time playing in her fort.  I was pretty impressed with the amount of time that she remained interested in it and loved watching all the stuff that she was doing to make it more fun.

Snow days can be fun even when you don’t go out.  But Mia only made it until about 4:30 before she started getting stir crazy (she gets cabin fever so fast it’s not even funny), so we headed out for dinner.









Daycare is open again tomorrow, even though local public schools aren’t, so we’ll hopefully get back into a routine this week.  It was fun while it lasted but I think Mia wants to see her buddies again 🙂

Snowstorm2010 Day 2

I’m not sure what the official measurement is but I would say we got about 5″ or so of snow.  That’s a lot for us.  I know you Northerners are laughing at us but our whole town falls apart with 1″ so this is a big deal.

Even though Mia is a little snotty still, we decided she needed to experience it so we bundled her up in a ton of layers, put her snow boots on and headed outside.  She didn’t want to walk by herself in it.  ‘Course, can you blame her? When you’re only 30″ tall and there’s 5″ of snow, it’s hard to walk.  Mark tried to make a snowman but then quit saying, “that’s a lot of work for one person…it’s not worth it…”  (we’re so lame.).

But then, Mark went inside and got the laundry basket and pulled Mia around the whole yard, around the house, and off the sidewalk into the street.  She had a blast.  She had a smile on her face the whole time and cried when we brought her inside.  Later in the day she brought her boots to us a few times wanting to go back outside… (and 5 minutes after we came inside we saw the neighbors with 2 laundry baskets! Mark started a trend on our street!)

**As I was uploading the pictures I realized that Mia could not possibly have more articles of clothing with different stripes.  The pants, the gloves, the hat…it’s borderline obnoxious.  I’m sorry…we were just going for warmth, not fashion.  Put your sunglasses on and enjoy…**


Protecting those cheeks from the wind.




Getting ready to go outside…




Now what?




It was so incredibly bright out there.  We were squinting for the first half of our time out.




Mia’s very first snowball!




Our big girl.  Rosy cheeks and snotty nose




Mia’s new favorite snow activity.


IceStorm2010 Day 1

Well, we’re stuck at home.  We, as in mommy and mia, and not because we’re iced in but because daycare is closed.  We did get ice as predicted but not as much as they thought, I don’t think.  And now, the snow is really coming down. Sideways, which is always impressive.

Mark hadn’t been to work for several days because he was sick but was feeling well enough to go in today.  So now I’m home with the other snotty/coughing member of the family.  We put the humidifier with vicks running in her room last night and I didn’t hear her coughing as much so that helped, I think.  We all slept in different rooms.  Mia in the nursery, me in our room, and Mark in the guest room.  You would think we’re all mad at each other… (side note: Mia always sleeps in the nursery so that’s not unusual – we do not enjoy sharing rooms with her)

So we’re just hanging tight, having a fun Friday at home…WITH electricity.   I’m hoping for another long nap time this afternoon but doubt I’ll get so lucky.  She slept 2 hours this morning so the afternoon one will probably be short.  Yes, this from the child who will not sleep a wink in the mornings at daycare.  At home?  Sleeps every morning she’s home.  And goes down way easy, practically asking for a nap, and sleeps forever.  THAT is how social this kid is.

Stay tuned for continued icestorm2010 updates.