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Merry White Christmas!

By the time you read this it probably won’t be Christmas anymore, but it still is here so it counts…

We woke up to this:


 Don’t remember the last time our neck of the woods got a white christmas.

 During breakfast, Daddy read the Christmas Story.



Yum…monkey bread.

Then, we opened stockings.


We gave Mia a baby doll and a stroller.  She had a blast going all over the house pushing her doll and taking care of it (even giving of her own sippy cup).


Poor Mia was not feeling well today – running a slight temperature – so every once in a while we would see her do this:


So she napped quite a bit and we ate a lot.  Yes, you would think that 4 other people were coming over to lunch with us, but nope.  Just the 2 of us.  And yes, we had ham again for dinner…and will the rest of the week probably!  (But hey, it was a gift and for that we are very thankful).



Fun with Uncle Jeff

Mia had a blast with Uncle Jeff and the “dough”s (her word for dog has no ending consonant and sounds very close to dough). 

Bailey and Callie showed up at our door all dressed up.



Sorry, Jeff, I know you were in the middle of saying something…but look at Mia’s face…she looks like she doesn’t trust you.



Looks like she had reason to wonder about you…



Especially after the Cheerio incident.


People would look at her and tell her she had a cheerio on her head (duh, like she knows what you mean by that…she had no clue).  And it was there a long time.


A really long time.


But even after all that, she loves her Uncle Jeff.


You can’t stage that picture…

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Centerpiece Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the last two events we had. 

These were for our Candlelight Dinners – theme/feel was a woodsy, log cabin(ish) christmas.


These were for our Commencement Receptions – theme was pomegranates and pinecones (I like to do wintry but not Christmas for them – I guess I think that the december graduates may feel like those who have december birthdays – don’t want all their celebratory stuff to be Christmas too).