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It feels a little bit more like Christmas over here.  There’s a real danger in my job that I get so burned out on seasonal decorating that my own house gets neglected.  It also doesn’t help that I have an actual budget to do cool things at my job while at home I keep opening the same rubbermaid of stuff year after year.   Although, since last year I did the all peppermint candy cane tree and didn’t use any of my ornaments, this year did feel a little more special.  Wow, I forgot I had this!

So, I decided to get it done as early as I could this year.  I’m a let’s get through Thanksgiving before we pull out anything Christmas kind of person (one holiday at a time, folks), so today was really the earliest I could do it. 

We had a really fun, laid back day.  We stayed home most of the day and finally ventured out around 4pm or so just because the weather was so nice.  We went downtown and while most of the shops were closed we had a really fun time at our local balloon and candy shop.



And I had to take a picture of her in her headband.  Proof that she kept it in her hair!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Oh, and by the way, WHERE IS MY BABY?  She looks so big.

Then, after dinner, we came home to get busy decorating.  Mia helped decorate her little tree for her room before she went to bed.   It’s definitely not an impressive tree.  But when you’re only 2 1/2 feet tall, even a scrawny 4 ft tree looks awesome…



You can barely see it, but the little eskimo baby was her ornament for last year.  I still need to get her one for this year.   


She loves her little tree.  And all those pretty things on it. 



And apparently she has already figured out that she’s supposed to look under it for goodies.  Does this come hard-wired into us?

We also found some of her christmas stuffed animals that she promptly gave the grand tour of the house to.  I have a feeling Christmas is going to be really fun this year. 

And then, after she went to bed, we got to work on the big tree.  There’s just no way to do that one with her awake because it’s a branch by branch operation.  We’ll see how she does in the morning with all those tempting ornaments on it.  I think she’ll love it – since she loved hers – but she might looooove it a bit too much.


We also just did a little in the dining room.  The sofa table had to find a new home (the whole living room has to be rearranged for the mammoth tree) and it fit nicely on the side. 


I still need to work on the mantel a little.  The stockings are hung, but I want to jazz the whole thing up a little.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done.  Now if the presents would just magically wrap themselves (oh, and some of them need to get themselves purchased and over here), then I would be in great shape.

Thanksgiving with Family

We were able to go spend the day with my grandparents, an aunt, an uncle and their respective families.  It’s a pretty short drive which makes for an easy, easy trip.  Mia took a nap for part of the way there and fell asleep for the night on the way back.  We had a great time of laughing, eating, and playing.


Lucky Mia got to eat early.  We were only going to eat around 2pm so we fed her early to avoid any meltdowns.  Don’t worry, she ate again off our plates at 2.  Turkey. Yes, she did eat that, but that’s what she is too.



Since we were eating a little later, this was my contribution – a table of dips and punch (my aunt brought the shrimp which brought on Mark’s thankfulness).  From left to right: Hog Wild Party Dip (yes, it has everything to do with where we live), Pumpkin Dip, and Spinach Dip.



I also brought the centerpieces: a perk of my job.




Here’s what Mia is into these days: climbing everything.

Caroline, don’t you just love that dress?  The smocking totally made me think of you 🙂



Mia with her mama and her llama.


The best part was getting to see Mia interact with my grandparents.  We hadn’t seen them since June.



She and Grandma always have a great time.  At one point, Grandma had those sunglasses on, we were too slow in getting the camera out.  It was so priceless.



She and Grandpa played with a packet of Splenda for a while.  She would toss it across the table, he would flick it back at her, she would then give it to him so he could throw it back, and then (because this is just so her) she would throw in a fake move: go to give it to him, and then take her hand back and smile.



With Grandma and Aunt Emma


 And this has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day (although the picture of grandma in the sunglasses would have been so cool, too). 


Mia was leaning into everyone she was next to at the table (she leans her head towards you as if she’s giving hugs/cuddles).  After a couple of sweet half-hugs by Mia the two of them got really playful.  You have to click on it and see it bigger but Mia has this great look on her face and totally looks like she’s trying to jab Grandpa. 

We’re thankful for so much today (and every day) and getting to do what we did today is definitely one of them.


Jane’s Birthday Party

Mia’s little friend Jane turned one this past weekend and we got to go to her party.  We had a great time – her mommy knows how to throw a party! 


Mia’s new “party” skirt.  How fun is that skirt?  It has tons of layers that bounce when she walks and cute little black sequins for added pizazz.



Mia and Mesa at the window.  So cute.  Already eyeing the boys.  Oh boy…


img_0284.JPG img_0287.JPG

Jack really. REALLY. enjoyed his cupcake.


The birthday girl taking a swing at her pumpkin pinata.


Sorry Mia, too late for candy….