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Monkeying Around

I was going to write a blog post in honor of my husband, father, and father-in-law and see how many puns I could throw in about our day yesterday when Mia wore her monkey costume.

But I realized that while writing it would have only made the 3 of them want to come up with more and put them in the comments, the rest of you would be groaning.  So, they’ll still have the freedom to comment and show their great skills while the rest of you actually read this post in thankfulness.

This is not a cop-out guys…you know I could do it (check out the title)…I’m just trying not to scare off the 3 readers I have (who are nice and normal).



Our little monkey – we decided this was perfect this year because she mimics a lot, tries to crawl over everything, and could easily eat 2 bananas for breakfast if we weren’t worried about what we would find you know where later.


First stop was the office.  She (we) scored a ton of candy there….of course, it didn’t help that Judy plopped her right in front of a giant tub of candy.


She knew just what to do, though.  Take it out of one thing and put it into another (course, every once in a while she would reverse and put things back – daddy made sure to fix that right away).


Next stop was downtown to visit all the businesses.  I was worried it was going to be a nightmare, but it ended up being a lot of fun.  It helped that we had fun company.  Thanks, friends!



After all the candy collecting was over, we went to the Cafe for dinner.  We put Mia in her “usual” spot near the window.  She loves sitting there and waving at everybody walking by.





Then we went home, and even though it had been a long day, we let her unwind a little and play (and get more pictures, or course).



 I love that banana sewn into her pocket…

She had the best time just sitting and loading and unloading her basket over and over again.







And the best part?  That basket is a new accessory! She loves purses and bags…


This is probably the best year, ’cause she was just happy to sit there and play with it.  She did try to eat through the wrapper on some of them but she doesn’t get what she’s missing yet and was actually into sharing….



It was a fun, full day!



Toilet Paper Game

Just got back from the toilet paper game tonight.  Mia loved it.  We walked in the door and she almost jumped out of Mark’s arms she was so excited to see people playing with bouncy balls.   She clapped, yelled, danced, smiled and waved.  Definitely in her element. Such a contrast from last year when she slept through the whole thing.

 (For an explanation of what this is and to see pictures of how itty bitty she was last year, click here.)

I should have taken a picture of this, but she totally fell in love with our mascot, Regal the Eagle.  She would point at him on the other side of the gym, yell, and then clap.  It was hilarious.  She really wanted to get his attention….and it really wasn’t going to happen.  I have a feeling that once she got closer to him, she would start feeling like she did towards the bear at her party.  All is well as long as he’s a long way away, I guess.

Here we are with Rachel and Jeremy.  Mark was taking the picture…too bad he didn’t make it in it.


Cousin Braewyn

My sister Rachel sent me pictures of Braewyn on her “you had to get shots so let’s go get ice cream” date. 



Isn’t she the cutest? 

And doesn’t it just look like she and Mia would be the biggest trouble duo you’ve ever seen? 

(She’s almost 2 months older than Mia….)