Monthly Archives: September 2009


5 shots.  FIVE. 

And now we’ve reached the glorious age where I actually have to help hold her down because she’ll try to grab the needles and sit up.  Perfect.  ‘Cause this whole shot thing was already fun. 

We were only scheduled for 4 shots at 12 months but BONUS! it’s flu season so let’s just take one in the arm, shall we?  Yes, it’s optional but my child eats other kids’ spit for 4 hours every morning.  I’m ok with that – there’s no way to not let it happen – but a little bit of a flu coverage can’t hurt, right?  Well…metaphorically speaking because literally?  It did hurt.  Wow, this was a rough one.  First time to get shots WITHOUT a pacifier.  Yeah, whose bright idea was that?  How do you comfort a child who does not have a comfort attachment object?  Hmm…you resort to trying to bribe your one year old with treats after the doctor’s office.  Somehow probably doesn’t cut it quite yet.  It didn’t help that it was almost dinner time by the time we left and all I had for the drive home was animal crackers.  For a child who loves her food this was not working…

Anyway, fortunately we’ve never had the fussiness after the fact (but I know that because I just typed that it will hit me in the face) and she’s now sound asleep after a long, rough day.

Stats: Weight – 27lbs 11oz, Height – a little over 30 in.

Time to turn her around in the car and start whole MILK (real milk!). Our baby’s not a baby anymore.  A toddler?  Where did she come from?  Side note: she has a bruise on her cheek and our pediatrician said he was so glad to see that…he would be worried if she didn’t. Love him.  He’s the one that held her at 6 months right when Spring was arriving and told her that he wanted her to go outside a lot and play in the dirt.  He should have seeen her clothes from daycare the other day.  He would have been proud.  I’ve washed them once and they’re still not quite clean!  That mud sure is fun!

All I’ve been doing lately is lists so here goes, in list form of course, all that has been going on since my last post (in no particular order other than the random popping into mind one):

  • turned 29
  • had a great birthday date with Mark
  • went bowling and had the whole place to ourselves!
  • multiple shopping trips for Homecoming with Mia in tow (what a trooper)
  • working at home every night so far this week
  • off to Mia’s one year appt after nap
  • more work tonight?
  • signed Mia up for KidZone at the university (basically the all day babysitting service)…yes, that’s how busy we’ll be
  • almost called 911 the other night at 8:30pm when I was home alone with Mia and somebody banged on the door and rang the doorbell several times (freaked me out!)…I guess I’m a wuss :o)
  • tired.

Blowing Kisses

I’ve been teaching Mia how to blow kisses because she’s too busy to snuggle/hug/kiss.  This way she can go on her merry way and still be nice and polite…

After a long time of me doing it over and over again, she sometimes does it.  It’s amazing how kids do eventually absorb somethings (while others that you don’t really want them learning, like NNNNO – yes, she’s said that a couple of times: help! – they pick up right away). 

If you tell her give kisses, she looks away and says mmmwwah.  Sometimes she gets lazy and says muh, but then again maybe she’s just asking for a mum-mum (one of her favorite things to say over and over again).  Not sure why she looks away.  Maybe she’s just really into air kisses.