Monthly Archives: August 2009


Well, it was bound to happen…sooner or later, we knew it would and it would mean changes.

Mia’s crawling.

Just let that sink in.

Yeah.  I know.  A crawler.  Babyproofing.  More vacuuming.  More discipline. (sigh)

That girl…everybody around her has been saying for weeks that she wouldn’t crawl and she would go straight to walking.  She’s been getting progressively better at cruising and today she was all over the place.  But yeah, she probably decided to crawl just to prove us wrong.

Yesterday she moved a couple of inches and we thought…”whoa, no way.”  Today, she was crawling as far as she needed to get to what she wanted. 

And because that wouldn’t be enough of a big deal she also decided to pull up by herself today.  She’s still wobbly and she can’t do it on everything yet – it has to be just the right height – but she’s got the technique down.

But, although she can crawl, she still gets frustrated when she’s sitting down because she wants to stand (and can’t quiiiite do it all the time).  She will spend hours standing and cruising along every piece of furniture in the living room.

I’m tired. 

And I bet she is, too.  Crawling and pulling up all in one day.  She should sleep well, right? 

A How-To, by Mia

If you’re going to play with Mega Bloks…this is how you do it.

Step 1 – Dump all the blocks out on yourself and act innocent. 


Or pretend you don’t know what the big deal is and try to divert attention by looking somewhere else.


Step 2 – If questioned about it, confess to doing it and explain that this is how you roll.  This is how you do things and that’s that.


Step 3 – Act cute.  Always act cute.  Gets you out of everything.


Jack’s Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to our buddy Jack’s birthday party.  We had a great time playing in water and eating goldfish crackers.  Everything looked so cute.

Mom and Dad also got to eat the cutest cupcakes ever…none for Mia yet.  But soon….very soon….at our party.


Warming up a bit after playing in the water.



Cutie pie Jane.


Jack and his cupcake…he was very serious about those candles. He did a great job and blew them out with one blow.