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The Reason Why

I thought I would dig deeper into this whole “No Bottles.  No Pacifiers.” thing happening at our house. 

I felt like I needed to attempt to explain why we’re doing it.  Actually, it’s really probably more about me just processing it so that I can convince myself that this is really what we want to do.  But you might have read my last post and thought a) wow, they’re nuts for doing that so early (I think that too at naptime and bedtime) or b) hmm, should I be doing that, too? or c) great, my kid’s 3 and still has a pacifier…. or maybe you don’t really compare yourself and your parenting to other people out there – so proud of you – but I know that I unfortunately do compare what other moms do (I’ve talked about this already) and start immediately panicking when they do something and I feel like what I do/don’t do is going to mean counseling in the future. 

So there you have it.  If you’re curious to hear how it’s going, read on.  But know that this is not us trying to be superparents – I almost caved twice already – it’s just that with her personality this is probably the best timing (and it may not be and we’ll learn our lesson!).

Bottles weren’t really a big deal.  For some people it is.  Luckily for us it wasn’t.  Yeah, we didn’t go cold turkey all at once so drama was kept to a minimum.  We replaced her afternoon bottle for a couple of days and then switched her morning and night one.  Her morning one seemed to be the hardest one to break…

The pacifier, though…oh, the pacifier.  This is the one I dreaded.  Not because she used it all the time – after our trip to Brazil she could only have it at naptime and bedtime – but you could tell she wanted it.  You would hold her to start calming her down and her mouth would pop open.  Cute, huh? Yeah…

The reason we decided to take on the bottle and pacifier challenge before she turned 1 is because if you know Mia you know she’s determined.  She has a very strong will packed into her little body.  I have no idea where she gets it, by the way.  Anyway, she knows what she wants and while she doesn’t get her way all the time (she probably unfortunately gets it more than she should?), she can, without words, express exactly what she’s thinking and wanting.  For example, right now all she wants to do is stand.  No, I will not sit down thank you very much, sitting down is for babies and I’m a big girl and I’m going to stand.   She has to be very distracted with a very cool toy to want to sit down.  Otherwise, she has to be standing holding on to the edge of something.  She’s determined.

So, we knew that we needed to tackle this early.  Before she’s 18 months old and can find it herself.  Before she can beg for it or cry for it by name.  Before we had other things to deal with, like potty training.  Before she realized that she only got to use it before naps and bedtime and oh, why can’t I have it at any other time of the day?  Before we lost our guts to just jump in and do it. 

And just to show how cute and determined and sneaky she is… I put her on the guest bed to play (remember she doesn’t go anywhere) and keep an eye on her in the mirror while I work on the computer.  All of a sudden she got quiet – trouble, no doubt.  I look up and see her sitting there just happily sucking away on a pacifier.  I asked her where she got it and she grinned really big.  Stinker.  She had found it in her cube of toys and I’m sure thought she had hit the jackpot. 


Yeeessssss….they never let me have this unless I’m supposed to go to sleep.  Oooohhh…it’s so nice to have it now.  My prrreeeeeciousssssssss. 

Today was hard.  Bedtime wasn’t that hard.  She’s ready to go to bed by the time 7 rolls around so while she squirms and fusses a little she usually goes to bed fairly easy.  Well, until she goes and gets her leg caught in the slats that is.  Talk about doing wonders for the calming down without a soothing device plan.  But naps….oh naps.  She fell asleep on the way home from daycare but after an hour and 15 minutes she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  She was exhausted you could tell and that pacifier would have done the trick.  Quick. Easy. No mess.  That’s when I almost caved.  But, she had already gone a day and a half without it and I felt like I would have been really backtracking.  I didn’t give it to her.  That also meant she wasn’t going to sleep anymore.  Oh well.  Early bedtime is the only way to make up for that one.  We’ll see.  Maybe that wasn’t the best decision.  Maybe it was.  But we’re 2 days down now and we shouldn’t turn back.  Gotta keep going.  If anything, that proved to me that we should do it now because my guess is that it will only get worse the older she is.

We’ll miss that pacifier, though.  All of us will miss it. 

Bottles vs. Sippy Cups

If it doesn’t have a spout, it’s out.

That’s right.  That’s the new rule at our house.  No more bottles.  We are now in the land o’ sippy cups.

I won’t go into the whole sippy cup thing again, but thank goodness we’ve found some that work.  This one is her favorite, which she gets when she’s really tired (because even though we did rip the bottles from her we’re not THAT mean) but it’s still so similar to a bottle to me so we’re using these too.  Besides, I want her to be ok with several different types of cups (because Murphy’s Law says that we’ll forget one on a long car trip and have to stop at a gas station and buy one and all they’ll have is the one that she’s never tried and she won’t touch it and she’ll end up crying aaaaalllll the way there and….see? Variety is good.)  No real reason for either of those choices.  It was a price/type of spout/availability of age range/design choices that made us pick those.  The truth is she really doesn’t need those handles and I’m about to change to some without handles because it’s just a little too easy for her to swing the cup all over the place when she practices her diva wave.

So…even though Mia has not had a single bottle in a whole week I’m sure that because I just blogged about it we’ll have some kind of weird relapse and she’ll hate all sippy cups of all kinds, bring me back my bottle now I miss it so much.  That’ll teach me.

Next little challenge? The pacifier.  Whoa that should be interesting.  Problem is, I think Mommy and Daddy are more addicted than baby.  It’s just soooo niiiiice and easy and fast.  Gotta be strong.

Chris and Dana’s Wedding

Since we’re coming up on one week since Chris and Dana got married and I’m pretty sure they’re back from their honeymoon, I should get these pictures posted!

Here are a few of my favorites of the tons of pictures we took at the wedding.  Mark took most of the pictures; I took all of the ones in the bride’s room.  Click here for more.












And here are a few of Mia and Mommy…just ’cause we matched so well.

imgp3145.JPG imgp3057.JPGimgp3143.JPG

I guess that’s one funny girl.  I have no idea what I was laughing so hard about, but by the look on Mia’s face she started it.