Monthly Archives: June 2009

5 Years

This past weekend, Mark and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Seems crazy to think that it’s been that long. 

Over the past 5 years we’ve:

– visited 5 countries together

– gone to at least 10 different states together (it’s late and my brain is starting to not think straight)

– lived in 3 different houses, bought 1 of them

– left jobs, done the whole crazy interview thing, started new ones

– had a baby

Looking back, it hasn’t always been easy but they’ve definitely been great years.  We’re so glad, of course, that Mia is now in our lives but we wouldn’t trade those first 4 years together of just the two of us.   Although we’re creating great new memories as a family, we have some really good memories of when it was just us, building our marriage and getting to know each other better by the day.

Wonder what the next 5 will bring?

Father’s Day

We did celebrate, even though we didn’t post.  We had a great day and mainly just took it easy.  Mia did make her daddy’s day by having to have duct tape to keep her diaper together…how appropriate…  I was putting her diaper on (her last diaper – I know, I know, haven’t we been here before? But I had to take diapers to daycare so that messed up our count here at home).  Anyway, I was putting her diaper on when the whole tab on one side ripped off.  Daddy came to the rescue with duct tape.  Perfect.  Made daddy’s day.

9 months: Brown Bear Pictures and Stats

This is old news already, sorry…we’ve been too busy to blog.  Bridal shower here this morning.  More on that later.

Mia turned 9 months on Thursday so we did her Brown Bear pictures and went to her well-baby appointment.  I knew we weren’t going to need to get shots (YESSSS!) but we got there and apparently at 9 months they do an iron test.  Great.   She still had to get her big toe pricked and fill two little tubes with blood.  Nice.  Way to ruin a perfectly good appointment with sharp objects again.

For the fun part: Mia and Brown Bear.  This month’s obsession seemed to be kissing Brown Bear (every month seems to bring something new).


I just love this one…she looks so sweet (but wait ’til you see the rest of the pictures).


Kissy Picture 1


Kissy Picture 2


Kissy Picture 3 – Come on, Brown Bear, just one more kiss…pleeeeasse? Come here….

All three of those pictures were taken at different times…none where sequential…she just really wanted to kiss/eat? him.



I had to put this one in there because there’s probably 8 other ones just like it.  She’s so interactive and playful and starting to smile with her eyes squinted that these are becoming more popular.  Good thing we’re all digital at least.


Really, Mom, enough with the pictures already.  They get it.  Me and the Bear.  It’s been done before.

Click here to see more from this month and them sitting on the chair since the beginning.

And now for the stats: weight – 24 lbs 12 oz, height – 28.5 in, head – 18 in.

You could tell the nurse practitioner was convinced that she runs around with a bottle of formula all day (which she doesn’t).  She kept asking me how many bottles, how many oz, etc.  I said that she’s actually more interested in real food than her bottle.  It’s just that she doesn’t move.  She’s our little couch potato.

Although she has taken to moving in her crib.  Good golly she’s active at night.  We put her down on her back at the bottom of the crib in the middle and by morning (or any nap actually) she’s all the way at the top of the crib with her head wedged in the corner, on her side, peaking through the slats.   A couple of mornings ago, the first thing we heard through the monitor was this rattling on her crib slats…she was taking her pacifier and running them up and down across the slats…just like prisoners and their tin cups when they beg for more food.  That’s our girl.  Waking us up for food!