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If Mia’s parents were truly “green” she would wear cloth diapers. 

Instead, her father is a web guy, so she gets diapers purchased online and sent to her on a brown truck (how appropriate).


 Like her new bib? 

Princess Drools-A-Lot needs to wear bibs but her mom has issues with

  • a) how expensive bibs are and especially

  • b) how ugly bibs are (we all know she loves her mommy and daddy…every piece of clothing does NOT need to state this.  She’s also not a hot babe or a whatever other stuff they put on them).

I found burp cloths on sale, cut them, sewed them and put some velcro on.  Voila! Cheap bibs with no cheesy sayings. 

She is one “cute chick” though, huh?  :o)

Family Camp

We had a great weekend going to our very first Family Camp.  It was at the university, so we commuted.  That’s not a bad way to do it, by the way.  Do all the fun stuff, eat all the meals at camp (no dishes at home), but still get your kid home for naps and bedtime in their own bed (not to mention sleeping in our own bed ourselves).


You know how camp always has those crazy games that you wonder who in the world came up with the ideas?  Yeah, this weekend didn’t disappoint.  One of the games was to eat grapes from somebody else’s toes.  Really.  There was no way I was going to volunteer.

But I bet you can already see where this is going.  Yes.  Poor Mia.  She had the cleanest feet in the bunch so she was the obvious choice.  She held the grapes while another dad ate them.  They were both troopers.  I was crying I was laughing so hard. 


Getting ready – she had nooo clue….


Ready to deliver the grape




What just happened?

Pretty good form for an 8 month old, huh?

And now we’re recuperating. Poor Mia woke up with a cough this morning and then woke up from her nap with a runny nose.  Allergies, maybe?  We propped her crib way up and so far so good…she’s been sleeping for an hour and no coughing – 2 little sneezes, though.  Cute.

Party Hopping

We had not one, but two parties today so as you can imagine we did a lot of visiting and eating.

The first one was a birthday for Bailey, a little girl in our community group.  It was Mia’s first birthday party and what a fun one to have be her first.  She lives at a camp so she had the awesome perk of having horses at her party. Yeah. Every little kid’s dream to have pony rides at your party.


Mia was very good about petting the horse gently but that horse?  Oh my.  B.e.s.t. horse ever.  She was so calm and just stood there as Mia touched her face.


Staring.  I think this picture is hilarious.

And I just wanted to post this one so that you could see how excited she was about that horse – her arms and legs were moving quite a bit, but she didn’t make much noise much to my (and the horse’s) delight.  Notice how still DeeDee the horse is.  Good girl.




How is she big enough to be on one of these already?  No way.

The next party was a graduation party for Emily (we work with her mom).  No pictures at that one, sorry.  By then, I think I was pictured out.  It was a great party, too.