Monthly Archives: April 2009

Napping Weather

It’s raining outside and I can hear the thunder rumbling.  It’s the perfect weather for curling up on the couch for a nap or with a good book, neither of which I’m doing this afternoon.  I’m just working away on my laptop in a stiff chair. *Sigh.*

Mia’s taking full advantage of the weather, though.  She’s sound asleep, fully enjoying the coziness of the inside…lucky girl.

Dogwood Festival

It’s that time of the year again, when our downtown transforms into a maze of white booths selling everything I don’t need.  Intriguing product of the year? A camo bikini.  Yes, we live in Arkansas.  No, I did not buy one, shame on you for even wondering.

In fact, we didn’t buy a single thing. Not even kettle corn, which is usually our one and only purchase of the festival.  By the time we got to that area, we were done seeing everything and it was time for lunch.  And I was all for a real lunch.


Getting ready to face the crowds (Mia couldn’t have been happier really…that child really does love lots of hustle and bustle).


Watching the pony.  A toddler walked up to it, started petting it and kept saying: “Hi, pretty cow!, How are you cow? Look at the cow!”  Precious.  His mom kept trying to correct him, but he was convinced that was a cow. 


 Being a big girl at the Cafe.  They didn’t have a high chair but we both wanted to eat our sandwiches with both hands so we put her in a big chair. She totally looks like she has something up her sleeve or she’s thinking ha, look at me, NOT strapped in (for once)!


I know this is my “lunch” but I really wish I could have had…what is it called?…a mocha or something?  At least could I get some whipped cream on the top?