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6 month check-up

This is going to be quick (I hope) because I’m tired and have been gone from home all afternoon at the doctor’s office, in the basement of the hospital getting a copy of some records, at Sam’s and at Aldi’s.   With a child.  At least my friend Melissa and her 11 month old came along, too, and two adults does make the world a better place.

First of all, I need to say that I love our pediatrician’s office.  I really do.  And even after today I still will, but I got there today and they said that my appointment was yesterday.  WHAT?  I just drove 35 minutes?  REALLY? 

OK, now I do make mistakes.  I’m not perfect.  But I had that appointment written down in 2 different calendars and I doublechecked it last week.  And as my friend so kindly pointed out – “Joy, you do this for a living…dates are your thing.”  We should all have friends like that.

Did I have my email print-out?  Of course not.  So I was left doubting myself and doubting them.  They said they had nothing and I’m thinking, GREAT.  I get to come ALL the way back another day.  I did a mixture of “I really don’t think I’m wrong”, “How could I have messed this up?”, “Is there really nothing available?”, “We’ll come back if we have to, of course, but….”   Well, they got me in.  They pulled a doctor over from the urgent care building and he saw me and I blubbered to everybody I saw “thank you so much.   I so appreciate it.  This is so great.”

I get home and check my email….

We have scheduled an appointment for Amilia at 2:10pm on 03/31/2009.

Yeah, didn’t think I was wrong….I still don’t know what happened.  Part of me is upset, part of me is thankful that I got in and all of me knows that I’m printing my email out and showing it to them next time.  Word to the wise for all of you…when they say print this email for your records, do it.

Anyway, we got our shots and did the whole development and growth check thing.  She’s still growing steadily although I think she’s slowed down a bit.  And for those of you who care…

Weight – Above 95% – no surprises there – 21 lbs 10 oz (her infant car seat weight limit is 22 lbs so she’s graduating soon!  Good thing we got the new one in the mail yesterday)

Height – 90% – 27 inches.  She was in the 75% percentile two months ago so our suspicion that she’s finally growing a little leaner was right….Maybe she’ll get lucky and be tall like her daddy (well, hopefully not too tall as my tall girlfriends will be quick to say!)

Head – 75% – 17 inches. 

Please don’t take those percentiles as bragging….I hate it when moms do that.  All we care about is that she’s healthy.  We would love her all the same and write her stats on here even if she was a little peanut.  In fact I think my back would enjoy it a little more. 


I never thought this day would come so soon. 

We got proofs for school pictures today.  School pictures.  At 6 months.  And of course they’re adorable.  Of course. 

We still haven’t decided whether we’re going to buy a package or not.  They’re actually pretty affordable.  She’s never had professional photos taken – we take all of our own pictures – so it is kind of fun to see them, but she is only 6 months old.

I can feel one hand tugging at my heart and the other one digging into my wallet. 

Confusion and Clarity

I know you’re tired of me talking about it (because I’m tired of it happening).  

Snow? In March (practically April)?  Huh?

Sure enough though, there it is.  On our grass.  Oh Spring, when will you ever come for good?

Well, the weather is confusing me but a recent comment from my mom might explain some other issues.  I love her.  Check out her comment to my post about needing to be matchy-matchy.

I guess you are not totally to blame for this habit.  I match the clothespins to the same color clothes when I put them outside to dry.  Mom

Don’t you just love that?  That cracked me up.  The apple, indeed, does not fall far from the tree.