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The Girls Head West

Author’s Note: This actually happened last weekend, but due to recent meteorological conditions in our area, known as “The Ice Storm of 2009”, the internet connection has been sloooow and unreliable, off for multiple hours at a time, a situation not conducive to the posting of narrative such as this.  So this story has waited.  Until now…

Once upon a time there were two girls, one big and one little, who really liked to hang out with each other.  They decided that it would be really fun to go on an adventure together and head west to the great state of Colorado to attend a surprise party for a cool uncle.  An older, wiser, uncle.



The only problem was, they had to say goodbye to their favorite person.



Knowing it would be only for the weekend, though, they found the courage to conquer the skies alone.  And they’re glad they did, because they had a wonderful time with family – laughing, eating, and telling stories.

The little girl thought that the best way to get to know family was to make them hold her.  And held she was.  The big girl knows better and thinks that conversation is the best way to go…



The little girl decided to start her college search early and tried Princeton, her other cool uncle’s alma mater, on for size.  Still a little too big for now, she says.



Finally, it was time for the big party.  There were tons of people, good pizza, and cake. 



Before they knew it, it was time to head back home.   Little did they know that the weather they were traveling in was the big storm that would catch up to them a day or two later.  They tried to run away but it didn’t work.



Because the weather was getting bad, they had to wait at the airport for a while.  The little girl was a super-trooper, though. 



Then, they had to wait on the tarmac as the plane was de-iced.  The big girl thought this was interesting and really hoped “ICEMAN 2” was getting all the spots he needed to.  The little girl had no clue it was happening.  She was out before the plane even pushed away from the gate.

Back home, that man that left them at the airport was back again, bearing gifts: a beautiful rose for the big girl and a bright colorful balloon for the little girl.



It was a great weekend and the girls said they should do it again.  But next time, they think it would be even more fun to take that guy with them.

Iced In

Well, not technically.  I guess we could leave if we wanted to.  But really, why would we want to?  We don’t need to since Mia’s daycare was closed today AND the university is closed (shock!, I’ve been there since 1998 and have never seen this happen….)

So, we’re kind of iced in.  We’ve gotten some projects done, but mostly we’ve just enjoyed the day off.

We still have power, thankfully.  Our internet was down for most of the day – you can imagine how traumatic that can be for this family.

Preparing for the Storm

If you’re watching the weather channel, then you’ve probably seen that we’re getting hit by an ice storm.  It started last night with some freezing rain and although the roads were slushy today we were fortunate enough that the temps warmed up just enough to not make it super slick out there. 

We’re doing OK for now, but it’s getting worse out there.  We’ve had a mixture of freezing rain/sleet and everything has a good layer of ice.  Our mailbox is iced completely over – no way to get mail even if they do come out to deliver.  They expect it to continue until tomorrow morning so we’re in for a good while.  The daycare just called and they’re going to close tomorrow.  All the public schools were closed today, but they were still open.  I think there were only 3 kids in the whole daycare, though, so Mia got lots of attention.

We still have power, but the lights keep flickering every once in a while so as soon as I got home from work I cooked up a storm and prepped food that I knew we could either eat cold or heat up really fast on the grill outside.  I’m exhausted, but feeling a little bit more ready to hunker down for this storm.

If you don’t hear from us you know why it is.  We can still use our laptops for a bit if the power goes out, but we’ll probably try to conserve battery power (and blogging probably won’t be considered “emergency use”).

I took all these pictures from inside so they’re not great, but you can still see what the ice is doing.  It’s taking down huge trees, which is sad….it’s pretty, but it’s also sad how devastating it is.


I’m going to hurry up and post this because the lights just did some major flickering….stay warm, folks.