Monthly Archives: December 2008

Finishing Strong

Well, here we are on the last day of the year.  It’s been a good one – for obvious reasons – amazing how so much can change in one year.  When we rang in this year, we didn’t even know we would have a baby this year, let alone have a bubbly 3 1/2 month old brightening our days.

I have fond memories of New Year’s Eves.  Growing up in Madeira, Portugal, the big tradition is to watch the “fogo” (fire), a huge fireworks display that fills up the bay area with light and bounces the sound all over the mountains to the point that you can really feel it in your chest.  No other fireworks can measure up to that one, in my opinion.  I remember when my nephew, Brody, came to visit when he was about a year and a half.  He watched the fireworks with awe and at the end begged for “more” “please” as fast as his little 18 month old hands could sign the words.  Well, enough nostalgia.  Have fun tonight, Mom and Dad.

Since we haven’t posted any pictures in a while, I thought we would go out with a bang and show you all the fun we’ve been having this past week.  Here we go. 

For Mia’s first christmas, we:


  •  Dressed up to commemorate the occasion  


  •  Snuggled and played with family


  •  Had lots of good food to eat


  •  Opened lots and lots of stockings and gifts – and got some of our favorite things


  •  Rode a reindeer, er…puppy


  • Played with mommy and daddy, with the puppy, by ourselves…basically played, played, played


  • Listened to Daddy read several new books


  • Watched cousin Ruthie perform


  • Went down a slide for the first time


  • Let Daddy have some special “guy time” (Mommy’s had some good girl time, too – just no pictures)

Here’s to another fun year!  Blessings to you!


Merry Christmas

I know this is a little late, but we’ve been having way too much fun to blog.  And as you’ll see from this post, way too much fun to take the time to pick some pictures to put up here.  We will, though.  We’ll take some time and pick some fun ones that will show you all that we’ve been up to.  There’s been lots of eating, laughing, opening presents, playing, and thankfully – resting (Mia’s still napping after 2 hours…ahhhh).

We’re going out to dinner with family in a bit, so we gotta run, but just wanted to let you all know that we’re doing ok.


I think I can finally rest a little.  My last event of the year was this morning – a commencement reception for what turned out to be probably 1000 people.  I’m tired.  Maybe I’ll try to post some pictures of the centerpieces. They were really  nice and wintry – icy blue, silver and white – perfect for this huge cold front we have moving in tomorrow.  High is supposed to be 20 degrees (low overnight is 6).  Brrrr.

Speaking of rest, my 2 favorite people are snoozing away together.  The little one has been sleeping for 3 hours.  She’s probably going to wake up hungry, don’t you think?  :o)  Of course, it’s dinner time here and I think the big one is going to wake up hungry too.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS at our house!  The presents are wrapped and the stockings are hung (well, Mark’s isn’t – it’s so heavy it’s pulling the holder off the mantle…).  We’ll post pictures.