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Thanksgiving Tales

Thanksgiving at Daycare

We had our first school activity – Thanksgiving Lunch at Daycare. 


Mia’s contribution was two pies.



Isn’t this just the typical after Thanksgiving meal look?


(and yes…she has taken up drooling…)


Ahh, the afternoon nap.


Thanksgiving in Branson

Mark’s family was up in Branson for Thanksgiving, so we went over and spent a few days.  So fun to have them meet Mia for the first time.

Meeting Great-Grandma for the first time.

Her Thanksgiving dress that she wore for about 3.5 minutes (seriously).  She had a little coughing spell that made her spit up all over her dress and tights.  Oh well, it was cute while it lasted.


Having a great time with Aunt Della.


One of the rooms where we stayed.  Check out that shower…oh my.  I already love showers because it’s “me” time but in that one — oh, it was so awesome. I’m sure I was in there way too long.


Spot the baby.



Happy Thanksgiving!



Lazy Weekend

Mia had a really long weekend.  She stayed home from daycare on Friday and today, the lucky girl… 🙂  She was probably well enough to go today, but we didn’t want her to relapse. 

She’s still super pleasant and not fussing at all (or should I say more than usual), so you wouldn’t even know she’s sick.  Oh, except for the stuffy nose, cough, and noisy breathing.  Poor thing.  It’s worse when she’s awake and excited about something, of course.  But she’s sleeping well, eating well, and still not running a temp, so we’re just happy that she seems to be doing ok.  Just in the past day her cheeks and chin are really red so I don’t know if it’s just her little body fighting stuff or if it’s dry skin or what…


But here’s proof of just how lazy these past 4 days have been. 



Even when she’s sick, she’s our smiley baby.



The new hairdo – all that sleeping has really taken a toll on the locks. 


She’s finally starting to get hair back on the top of her head, but the new hair is so much lighter so we get this not-so-attractive look. 

Good thing it’s winter and she can wear hats….

 And here are some fun close-ups from the last couple of days.  Notice the red cheeks?  Oh, and we’re constantly drooling and blowing bubbles, too.  (Don’t you dare say “she’s teething.”  I know you’re thinking it.  She’s only 2 months old and we (I) do not want her to have teeth yet)



Well, we dodged a bullet…four, actually.  No shots for us today.  

The dr didn’t want her to get her shots while she’s sick.  That’s right.  She’s officially sick.  I thought maybe we were going to skate by, but a week after we got it, she did.  She held off for a long time, but oh well.    So yeah, we avoided the shots, but we’ve got a sick baby.

She’s got some chest congestion and a cough.  When she cries she sounds hoarse, poor thing.  It’s really sad.  It just breaks our heart to hear her.  She’s not complaining at all, though (unlike her parents when they were sick). 

This was her well-baby appointment (which, ironically she wasn’t well for) so he was checking developmental milestones, two of which are smiling and cooing.  He was really pleased that even though she’s obviously got something she just sat there and smiled at him and talked and talked.  She’s been really pleasant–and he could see that–and doesn’t have a fever (yet.  *crossing fingers*) so he wasn’t too concerned.  He says it’s viral and now we just sit and wait for it to pass (unfortunately, he said that these coughs can linger for weeks or months.  oh. no.).

Here are her stats: 12 lbs 9.5 oz and 22.64 inches long.  She’s growing!

Shots?  Oh, in 2 weeks we go back.  Hopefully this will all be behind us by then.  Too bad she can’t have some chicken noodle soup.  Hmm…sounds good.  That’s what we’ll have for dinner.