Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween

 We went trick-or-treating at the office.  Mia dressed up as a flower and loved every minute of it (read: slept almost the whole time).





Helping daddy pass out candy.


Jack, Ava, Spike, Jamey, and Mia.


Notice the only treat that Mia cares about in her bucket – the bottle.


Mia’s toes poking out of the hole for the stroller strap.


Not bad for a 6 week old, huh?  And we’ve already had quite a bit of it.

We’re taking the whole stealing candy from a baby literally at this house….

Nursery Pictures

I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of the nursery.  There’s still a few walls that need stuff on them, but we’re waiting to frame a couple of pictures and put those up.  But for now, you’ll get the idea.  Here are some pictures taken starting at the door and turning counter-clockwise around the room: a pieced together 360 view…







Close-up of the mobile Mark made…from scratch! I love it.

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

The things parents do to their children just for the sake of pictures…well, at least these parents to their child.  Poor kid.

We took Mia to the pumpkin patch on the way to church.  Unfortunately, we got there right at dinner time for her.  And if you don’t know her, you DO NOT interfere with her eating opportunities.  She means serious business about her meals.  So, we prepped a bottle while we took pictures.  That’s the way it is when there’s nothing in your town and you have to commute to do anything.  Poor thing, she was a trooper and we got some fun pictures.  She probably thought it was torture, though. 

Next year should be better.  We’re taking cheerios and animal crackers with us. 

Mia with pumpkin on bench

Mia’s face in cutout

Mia with Mommy and Daddy

Mia with all the pumpkins